How do I search for books and materials based on a subject (or subject heading)?


MNCAT, the library catalog,searches books, videos, sound recordings, ebooks, ejournals, archives, and databases held at the Twin Cities libraries and coordinate campuses (e.g. Duluth, Crookston, etc.).

To find items, you can search by keyword, title or author. There are many options to refine your search using the "Refine my results" options. "Subject" can be particularly useful. You can click on a subject to see a whole set of items about a topic or use the phrases to search for additional resources. Subjects are more powerful than keywords because individual items are assigned "subjects" by library staff and thus it relates to the concepts covered in the item not just the words in the title or description--like a keyword search.

For example, if you need criticism of Shakespeare you can click on the subject "Shakespeare , William, 1564-1616 -- Criticism and interpretation" to find items just on the subtopic.
Click on subject.


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