How can I tell whether the library has the articles listed in my database search?


The key to locating articles in the library is to search for the source in which the article is published. Most databases or article indexes have a field labeled "source" or "journal title" or something similar. THAT is what you will first need to search for in the library.

You can determine which book and journal titles are owned by the University Libraries, and in which library they are located on campus, by searching MNCAT (, the University Libraries' online catalog. MNCAT includes the book and journal collections of all U of M Minneapolis and St. Paul campus libraries. The important thing to note is that MNCAT does not list individual articles, although it lists thousands of periodicals that contain individual articles.


  1. Enter the journal or magazine title and choose title in the drop-down box.
  2. After you get your list of results, click on the link of the journal title you're looking for.
  3. Determine in which library the title is located.
  4. Check "Holdings" of the MNCAT record to see if the library contains the issues you need.


  • The "Location" field in a record tells you which library owns the journal you are looking for. The following web page on our site shows where the various libraries are located, and give their hours as well.
  • Some of our journal subscriptions are available in full-text over the Internet. If that is the case with a title, there will be an "Internet Access" field in the MNCAT record with a link to the journal's web site. If there is a link for electronic access, first check the date ranges, then proceed to the Internet site.
  • If we don't have the journals you need, note that we can obtain copies of articles from journal issues not owned on this campus through Interlibrary Loan:
  • If you're interested in getting articles delivered to you at your home or office, such a service is available through Libraries to U for a small fee:


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