How do I find the standard abbreviation to use when citing a journal in a bibliography?


To find standard abbreviations for journals, use Periodical Title Abbreviations, a reference book published yearly by Gale Research Company. Use Volume 2 of Periodical Title Abbreviations to look up the title of a journal, and you will find the standard abbreviation for that journal.

The most current edition of Periodical Title Abbreviations is available in Wilson Library (Reference Desk Collection Quarto AP1 .A44x) and recent editions are also available at several other libraries, including Walter, Biomed, Magrath, Vet Med, and Law.

The following website ("All That JAS: Journal Abbreviation Sources") has links to a number of online sources for such abbreviations:

Also, you may be able to find a standard abbreviation for a journal in MNCAT, our online catalog. Standard abbreviations for journal titles are sometimes (but not always) provided in the catalog under the heading "other titles". To search for possible standard abbreviations for journals in MNCAT, select the "Journals Catalog" and enter the journal title in the "Search For" box. Click on the title to bring up the full record; check to see if the "other titles" is present and if so if an abbreviation is listed.


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