How do I search for a short story?


Short stories can be challenging to find since they are published within other works (books, anthologies, literary magazines, etc.). Generally, you need to find the work they were published in. Here are a variety of techniques:

  1. Use Libraries Search. Some but not all of our books have searchable contents information.
  2. Search Google or Google Books for the title in quotes. This may help find the item(s) the story is published in. Then you can search for that item in Libraries Search.
  3. If you're still stuck, try using the Short Story Index, available in Wilson Library
  4. Try searching WorldCat, since another library may have analyzed a work to that level even if we (or the Library of Congress) did not.
  5. A story may have originally appeared in a magazine. No one tool indexes all, but two of the more useful include Reader's Guide Retrospective and Periodicals Archive Online.


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