Why do I get an error message or timed out when I connect to a database or e-journal?


A few of our databases and e-journals are purchased via a site license that allows the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities a specific number of simultaneous users. This is often a way the Libraries can afford to provide access to some resources (unlimited access being prohibitively expensive).

You may get an error message like, "Your session has timed out. Please try again later," if you leave your computer for a few minutes. The databases are programmed to log you off whenever there is, usually, about five minutes of inactivity in order to allow others access to the system.

You may get an error message like "Maximum user limit exceeded. Please try again later." Usually, if you wait a couple of minutes and try again, you can get in. If you still cannot get in, please let us know and we can check on it.


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