How do I search for article that have been cited by subsequent articles? How do I do cited reference searching?


Use a specialized citation database, which is a research tool that identifies publications that cite earlier publications. For example, if you have identified an article that is important to your research and wish to know what subsequent articles have cited it in their bibliographies or references since that original work was published, you would want to search a citation database or index. Generally the strategy is to search for the article title or author’s name and work to find the original article. Once you have found it, there will be a link to “cited by” or “cited references” which should give you a link of sources that cite that original article. Our largest citation databases or indexes are:

  1. Web of Science (also known as Web of Knowledge)
  2. Scopus
  3. Google Scholar
  4. In addition, this feature is part of a growing number databases so check the features of the subject specific databases in your subject area or discipline.

These tools are also used to determine the impact a source has had on a field of research. The more times an author or article are cited, the greater the impact is said to be. For more information, view our Research Impact Measures. guide.


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