How do I get my Internet (or e-mail) ID and password so I can use the Libraries' indexes and abstracts?


A University of Minnesota Internet (or e-mail) account is automatically established for you when you enroll as a student or are employed as a faculty or staff member. To make use of your account for e-mail and Internet access, as well as for logging into many electronic library resources, you need to do two things:

  1. Look up your pre-established Internet ID; and
  2. Initialize your account.

To look up your Internet ID, search for your name in the University's Student/Staff online directory at: Your Internet ID will likely consist of a string of letters followed by a string of numbers.

To initialize your account, complete the "Student Internet Account Initiation" form at:

You will need to supply your Social Security Number, Student ID Number, and Date of Birth. Once you submit this information, it may take a few minutes for your account information to get registered in the system and your account ready for use. When it is ready, you will be able to access restricted library databases and other electronic resources by entering your Internet ID and password (that you established during the "initializing" process and known only to you), when prompted. If you have any problems with the password you establish for this account, you may contact the Technology Helpline at (612) 626-4276. Additional information about the Helpline can be accessed at:


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