Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find textbooks and course readings in the library?



For Your Courses:

  1. Did your instructor put materials on reserve at the Libraries?
    Check the Course Reserves or the "Course Pages" on the Libraries homepage. Log in to view your courses.
    Tip: If your books aren't listed, ask your instructor to put your textbooks, course packet or readings on reserve at the Libraries.

  2. Does the Library own my textbook?
    The libraries don't specifically buy textbooks, but we do own a number of textbooks, including older editions. Search MNCAT Discovery with the title of your textbook.
    Tip: If we have an older edition, ask your instructor or a classmate to see what parts are different and plan accordingly.

  3. Do the libraries own articles on the readings lists or in course packets?
    Maybe. Check the Course Reserves for your class if your instructor has put it on Reserve. Or you can also search MNCAT Discovery by the "article title" or the "journal title" and check to see if we have the year, volume and issue you need.

For Research on Curriculum (e.g. Education majors, teachers, etc.):

  1. The department of Curriculum & Instruction maintains a Curriculum Library. It is not a part of the University Libraries system.
  2. The University Libraries have put together this resource page to assist with textbook and curriculum research.


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