How can I find and use microfiche, microfilm, and microcards?


These micro-formats can be found in collections throughout many of the University Libraries. Materials in these formats can be found by searching MNCAT Discovery. Some major collections include:

  • In Wilson Library: microfilm and microfiche are shelved by number in the basement unless another location (e.g., Government Publications) is given. Wilson Reference microfilm and microfiche are also located in the basement.
  • In Walter Library, we have 18 cabinets of microfiche and microfilm, located in the SE corner of room 206 Walter Library


Viewing, Copying and Printing Microfiche, Microfilm and Microcards
Microfiche, Microfilm and Microcards:

  • A microcard viewer is available in Wilson Library Basement Level.
  • Self-Service Micrographic Viewer/Scanners
    • Biomedical Library: Study Room 207 located on the stacks side of the second floor. For additional information, ask in person at Circulation, call 612-626-2969, or email
    • Magrath Library: Near Reference/Circulation (Ground Floor)
    • Walter Library: Walter Library 206 (Second Floor)
    • Wilson Library: Newspaper Room (Basement Level)


Self-Service Micrographic Viewer/Scanners view and scan microfilm, microfiche and microcards. Users can then do the following with scanned images:

  • Email
  • Print ($0.10 per page)



  • Double click on the Power Scan 2000 icon.
  • As you pull the tray towards you the upper glass pane will come up and you will see the following display appear on the screen, demonstrating how to load rolls of microfilm.
  • Pull it straight out to load microfilm, fiche or microcards.
  • Once the roll is loaded all film movement is handled using the Motorized Roll Film Control panel that appears in the lower right corner (it can be repositioned on the screen, if needed). The High Speed and Rewind buttons will only work when the tray is open.
  • Adjustment of the images (whether you’re using microfilm, microfiche or microcards) is handled using icons that are distributed between three tabs located on the bottom of the screen: Home, Adjust and Scan/Print


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