Frequently Asked Questions

What employee categories can access Libraries online resources from off-campus?


Access to online resources from off campus are restricted by the licenses we sign with the vendor or publisher, and we cannot offer fee-based access or individual exceptions. Instead, access is determined by a person's category in the University's PeopleSoft database. The University Libraries has no control over a person's classification; only the department's human resources personnel can make changes.

Here are the PeopleSoft categories that come with Library Flags for off-site privileges. Note that Sponsored Accounts are specifically excluded.

* Pre-Start Hire
* Regular CS/BU
* Regular P&A
* Regular Faculty
* Temporary Posted
* Temporary No-Post (CS/BU)
* Academic (P&A and Faculty)without salary, with appointment
* Clinical Faculty without salary, with appointment
* Retirees (CS/BU)
* Retirees (P&A)
* Retirees (Faculty)
* Regents Visiting Faculty or
* P&A without salary, with appointment


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