How do I find a masters thesis or PhD. dissertation?


University Archives holds non-circulating print copies of University of Minnesota Master's Plan A theses from 1886 to the present, with digital copies available in the University Digital Conservancy for most theses from 2009 to the present.

Most Ph.D. dissertations from 2007 to the present are available in digital format in the Dissertations and Theses collection in the University Digital Conservancy. University of Minnesota Ph.D. dissertations from 1897 to 1954 are also available as non-circulating print copies in University Archives.

Online availability of earlier dissertations and theses in the Digital Conservancy include a majority of works completed prior to 1923 as well as works made available by individual alumni. Ph.D. dissertations written after 1954 are available for purchase through ProQuest or by obtaining a circulating copy at one of the Twin Cities Campus libraries.

The Register of University Ph.D. degrees from 1888 to 1986 is available in the University Digital Conservancy. An online Register of Ph.D. degrees from 1981 to the present is available to University staff and faculty only through the Graduate School.

To make an appointment to view a thesis or dissertation held in University Archives, contact us at or call 612-624-0562.

Circulating copies of theses and dissertations can be searched for through the University of Minnesota Libraries' catalog, MNCAT,. To conduct a MNCAT query, type the title or author and the word "thesis" in the search box, and, then, write down the location and call number.

In addition to University of Minnesota theses and dissertations, doctoral dissertations and some select Master's theses from over 1,000 North American and European universities are may be available digitally. While some can be ordered through ProQuest, borrowing options are also available.

Please note that the University Archives cannot copy an entire thesis or dissertation. To obtain a reproduction for personal use, please consider the services of InfoNOW or arrange to order a copy through ProQuest.

More information about theses and dissertations including Digital Dissertations is available on the University Libraries website.


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