What if I lost a library book?


If you lost a library item, you will need to pay a $100 lost item replacement fee and a $15 processing fee. Sometimes, purchasing a replacement copy is possible as an alternative to paying the $100 replacement fee. Not all materials are eligible for this, so please contact fines@umn.edu to inquire about the possibility. Additionally, replacement copies must meet the following criteria:

  • The replacement copy must have the same ISBN as the lost item; if no ISBN exists (e.g., books before 1970), publication information must match.
  • The replacement copy must be in new or like-new condition (no tears, stains, pen/pencil/highlighter markings, etc.).
  • The replacement copy cannot be a former library copy (no stamps, call number markings, barcodes, etc.).

Overdue fines and processing fees will still apply. Replacement copies will not be accepted if fines have already been paid for or transferred to one's student account. Return to the Fines FAQ


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