What if I returned a book but the Libraries say I still have it checked out?


If you think you have returned an item that is still checked out to you, contact the owning library with the following information:

  • Title of the item.
  • When you returned the item.
  • Where you returned the item.

The owning library will search for the item and notify you of its results. Search procedures vary by library. Sometimes it may take several weeks for the search to be completed.

If the item is found in the library, you (the patron) are not held responsible for any fines accrued. If the item is not found, you are responsible for finding and returning the book, or paying for its replacement.

The only way to prove that you returned a library item is to provide a receipt for its return. Please contact the owning library for more information. Please note: The only way to be 100% certain that your library materials are checked in is to request a Return Receipt. Having a Return Receipt proves that you returned your books.

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