How do I use the large monitors in Walter Library?


The four monitors in the Great Hall of Walter Library (second floor) are for students, staff and faculty who need to extend their screen beyond their mobile device. This can be useful for:
  • Group viewing
  • Collaborative work
  • Extending a laptop screen

Please share comments and questions about the monitors:

If you plug in your laptop and it doesn’t automatically switch to that input, try cycling through TV inputs, ask for help, or look up the procedures for your laptop for extending your screen.

Available Connections

The monitor has no computing capability or internet connection by itself, but will need to be plugged into a power outlet. Any laptop should work. We have connections for Thunderbolt 3 / USB-C, Thunderbolt 2 / Mini DisplayPort, and HDMI.

How to Connect

  1. Look at the side of your device for available video-out hookups. Use the guide on the monitor stand to find your connection type.
  2. Connect your device. Upon connecting, your screen should appear automatically.
  3. If you use a laptop and your screen has not appeared, try the following commands:

Apple: Command + P Windows: Windows key + P Chromebook: Ctrl + Full Screen key


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