What does "In Transit" mean in MNCAT?


When an item in MNCAT is labelled "In Transit," it typically means that the item was returned to another campus library other than where it is regularly housed. For example, a book that may be checked out from the Science and Engineering Library may be returned to the Wilson Library (or any other campus library). It is checked in at Wilson Library (in this example) and then sent back to the Science and Engineering Library. During the book's trip back to the Sci/Eng Library, the item is labelled "In Transit" (this message appears in the "due date" column.

If you are in need of a book that is "In Transit," you have two choices:

1) Wait a day or two and check the shelves of the library where the book is said to be located, or

2) Request that a "search" be initiated for the item. Search requests may be submitted in-person at any library Circulation Desk. This page gives the hours and phone numbers for campus library Circulation Desks:


Note: Due to staffing limitations, we are unable to accept online search requests at this time.


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