How do I find a Scientific Journal Series Paper , or Minnesota Journal Series from the University of Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station?


(Also referred to as Journal Series, or Miscellaneous Journal Series)


This is a numbered series published, but not distributed, by the Agricultural Experiment Station. Scientific Journal Series were reprints, and sometimes preprints, of scientific journal articles, authored by U of M faculty, that were published, or in the hands of editors and close to being published.


Where can I find a list of the Scientific Journal Series Papers and Minnesota Journal Series?


Citations can be verified in the Annual Reports of Agricultural Experiment Station. Some annual reports can be found digitized in the University Digital Conservancy. More annual reports will be added.  Print copies of the Annual Reports can be found in Magrath Library, State Documents, MN 1000 AR-

Check the Contents of each Annual Report.


Here are examples of lists from the Annual Reports:




What are the options in locating Scientific Journal Series?

Magrath Library doesn’t have any Scientific Journal Series Papers or the Minnesota Journal Series, but University Archives has a few.

University Archives has:
Summaries of Journal Series Papers 1975-1979  Box 55.
Journal Series - Miscellaneous 1968-1989  Box 55.
Summaries of Journal Series Papers 1967-1987 ( 4 folders)  Box 55.
Scientific Journal Series 1988-1990  Box 55.
OCLC shows the University Leipzig (Germany) as having 1922-1934 .


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