Where can I find rare books in the University Libraries?


Many libraries on campus have collections of rare books and related materials. The largest collections are in the Andersen Library (rare books, archives, and special collections), the James Ford Bell Library (Wilson Library), the Wangensteen Library (Diehl Hall) and Andersen Horticultural Library (at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum in Chaska). Additional significant collections are at Magrath Library and the Natural Resources Library on the St. Paul campus.

The best way to determine the location of an item is to search for it in our catalog, MNCAT (the "Books" tab) and check the Location information included in the listing.

If the location of a book in MNCAT is "Wilson Rare Books," you must go to the James Ford Bell Library on the 4th floor of Wilson Library, and have the book paged by a member of the Bell Library staff.


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