How do I print from Wilson Library or Science and Engineering Library?


When you have a page or an article displayed that you would like to print follow these steps to A: SEND a print job and to B: RETRIEVE your print job(s):

A: SEND a print job

  • Display the results of your search.
  • Use the Print command
    • Command may appear on the screen, toolbar or browser (varies depending on file).
  • Confirm your print job request (click OK or press Enter key)
    • Click on OK or press Enter key
  • Name your print job
    • A box will appear on your screen where you can identify your print job. Enter a recognizable name.
  • Go to the UNIPRINT station
    • Proceed to any UNIPRINT station in Wilson or Science and Engineering Library (*Sci/Eng Library is located in the Walter Building)

Uniprint Station Locations in Wilson:

  • First Reference room
  • Basement Level, across from Basement Service Desk
  • Basement Level, Smart Learning Commons

Uniprint Station Locations in Science and Engineering Library:

  • Second floor, Great Hall, Printing & Copying area, near the entrance to room 208
  • Second floor, room 204, Smart Learning Commons and Media Services

B: Retrieve your print job:

*All sent print jobs will stay on the Uniprint menu for exactly two hours after you SEND them.
We recommend you pick up your print job as soon as possible.
Copy Card or U Card: If you need to buy or add money to your card, Value Port stations are located near Uniprint stations in basement level of both libraries.
Print jobs can be retrieved at any of the three Uniprint stations.

  • Swipe your card
    • Swipe your copy card or U card at the top left of the Uniprint keyboard. The value remaining on the card will be displayed on the monitor.
  • Highlight the Job you want to print
    • Highlight the job you want to print by clicking on the name you entered on your computer. You may highlight multiple jobs at once.
  • Note the price for that job. The cost of printing that job will appear on the bottom of the screen.
  • Note: Be certain that it is your print job that you have highlighted! Check to make sure that the number of pages and cost of the print job are correct before proceeding. Be careful to highlight only your own print jobs.
  • If you wish to print the selected job, click on the "Print" button at the bottom of the screen. The cost will be deducted from your card and the job will print.


  • First Floor (Wilson), Second Floor (Sci/Eng): ask at Reference desk.
  • Basement (Wilson): ask at the Basement Service Desk.
  • Basement (Sci/Eng): ask at Circulation desk.
  • For printing instructions at other campus libraries (Magrath, Bio-Med, Natural Resources, Journalism...) contact the respective library directly.


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