What is the Marburger Index?


Marburger Index: Bilddokumentation zur Kunst in Deutschland. Edited by the Bildarchive Foto Marburg. 1976-.

Approximately 500,000 photographs of fine art, architecture, and crafts in Germany dating from the Middle Ages to modern times. All media are included: religious and secular buildings; sculpture; paintings; drawings; manuscripts; sketches; utensils, furniture, and everyday objects; even photographs of cultural interest in the early days of photography. Includes art of foreign origin collected in Germany. Arranged alphabetically by geographic location and then by subject groupings.

It can be found at Wilson Library Reference Microfiche set #20.

For the user's guide see Wilson Reference N6861 .M37X 1985; for Iconclass System index see Wilson Reference Z697 .A8 W3 1973. See also L'Index Photographique de l'art en France (MFiche 19), Index der antiken Kunst und Architektur microform (MFiche 61), Alinari Photo Archive (MFiche 63).


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