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How can I create a persistent link to an article I found in one of the library databases?


To create links to individual articles from within a database follow these steps:
  1. Locate the article that you are interested in, click on the FindIt! button or link.
  2. In the FindIt window, select "Copy Citation or URL for this page."
  3. A new window/tab will open showing the citation, and below that, a persistent URL to the article.
  4. Copy and paste the persistent link into a document, Moodle, course page, blog or other website. The link will generate a FindIt! link to the article; off-campus users will be prompted to login.

Note: Most license agreements do not grant unrestricted rights to download and re-post content. Therefore, as a rule of thumb, link whenever possible.

For more information view our step-by-step guide on creating persistent links to articles in Moodle and other course sites. Our Instructor Support page also has additional resources.

Click play below to watch how to get links to include in your Moodle or course site:

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A persistent link is sometimes referred to as a permalink.


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