How do I set up a Sponsored Short-Term Wireless Account?


University staff and faculty can sponsor short-term wireless access for University guests and visiting associates at no cost. The access can be requested to start on a specific date. The access automatically expires at midnight four days after the effective date. For example, if the effective date is Tuesday, access will be good through 11:59 p.m. Saturday, resulting in five days of access.

These accounts are for access to the wireless network (wired access may also be possible) only.

Go to:

to sponsor an account.

Please note that the University of Minnesota also provides free "best effort" wireless access for guests. See:

These accounts are for access to the wireless network only. Access via wireless to subscription databases, eJournals, etc. would still require authentication with a U of M id and password. Also, there is at present no way to use the library Uniprint system via wireless, so printing is not possible.


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