I want to study textbooks and look at elementary and secondary/high school textbooks. What is available? Where is the Curriculum Library?


Textbooks can be a rich source of information for education, historical or other types of research. Textbooks reflect the culture and values of the time period.

Search the Library Catalog

You can add "textbooks" to your search or search for "textbook" in the title. If you are looking for a specific title or publisher you can add to your search.

Center for Research Libraries Textbook Collection

U of M Twin Cites Campus affiliated users may borrow textbooks from the Center for Research Libraries Textbook Collection using Interlibrary Loan.

Learn More

This Textbook Research Guide has additional places to search.

Curriculum Library

The Curriculum Library is at 45 Peik Hall on East Bank. The department of Curriculum & Instruction maintains this library; it is not a part of the University Libraries system. For more information call 612-625-8315.


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