How do I reserve a book?


Beginning in March 2008, requesting a book from a Twin Cities campus library became a one-stop process for University of Minnesota faculty, staff and students. The Get It link in the availability page of the MNCat library catalog consolidates book requesting services previously found in 4 places:

  • Recall changing the due date of a book that has already been checked out for earlier pickup at any convenient campus library
  • Point-to-Point - for delivery of books not checked out, to be picked up at a more convenient campus library than the owning library
  • Libraries to U for delivery of books to on-campus faculty/staff offices
  • MLAC Paging - for MLAC deliveries

An additional service is now being offered with the Get It link:

  • Paging pulling books from the shelves of a library to be held for users at the Circulation Desk of that same library

In short, when you find a book in the MNCAT catalog, clicking on the Get It button will allow you to request that the book be pulled from the shelves or recalled and held for you at the library of your choosing. In most cases this process will take 24 hours. It may take as much as 48 hours in some cases. You will be notified when your book is available to pick up.

For screen shots of this service, visit this page:


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