What space changes are occurring in Wilson Library?


Over the next few years, Wilson Library will be moving forward on several building enhancements designed to expand the amount of user space in the library as well as increase opportunities for research collaboration and consultation with library experts.  The FAQ is designed to keep the University community and the public informed of our progress.
What projects are happening and when?
The 2016-2017 academic year will see several new spaces being created, including:
  • Group study spaces in the 1st floor lobby area (Summer - Fall 2016)
We installing four group study rooms in the Wilson Lobby. These glassed-in rooms (two with open fronts, two fully enclosed with swinging glass doors) continue the updates that were made to the Lobby in 2015.
  • A Research Collaboration Studio (Spring-Summer 2017)
Plans are now being developed to create a research collaboration studio that is a 
a flexible, experimental space where faculty, staff and students can work together on projects that leverage digital tools and methods to create and disseminate knowledge. Designed for scholars at all levels and in all disciplines, the Studio will be a destination for collaboration and consultation with librarians and other experts in digital scholarship, online publishing, geospatial data, and learning innovation. 
  • Collection shifts that will provide more user and staff space in Wilson basement (Fall 2016)
To make room for more user space on the basement level, the Periodicals Collection will be moved to the 3rd and 4th floors of Wilson.  This space is currently housing the Wilson Dewey collection.  The majority of the Dewey collection will be moved to off-site storage and items that have high use (high number of check-outs) will be kept in Wilson but added to the Library of Congress collection.  Some items will also be placed in the Wilson Annex Collection.  Regardless of their new location, all materials will be available through our our Get-it Campus Delivery Service or through Interlibrary Loan.  
Where is SMART now located and why did it move?
The SMART Learning Commons has moved temporarily to the 4th floor of Wilson Library to accommodate the projects outlined above. SMART will continue to offer the same range of services they did in their previous Wilson location.
I’ve heard that Wilson Library is part of future capital planning.  How do these current project fit into that plan?
While Wilson Library is on the University’s list for capital planning, that process requires several years to develop and plan.  In the interim, the University Libraries is developing smaller projects to increase user space and to try out new technologies and service models to better meet the current and future research needs of the University.
How will I know if changes are happening to library areas, or collections, I use frequently are being affected by these space changes?
  • Regular emails are and will be sent to University faculty, staff and students to update them on current and future changes in Wilson Library.  
  • Signs will be placed in affected areas several weeks before changes occur to provide users with information on how to access collections, and where to seek additional help in person within the libraries.
  • Though spaces will be unavailable at various times, all materials will remain available to you during the construction via our Get-it Campus Delivery Service or through Interlibrary Loan.  
Have additional questions?
If you have any questions, please contact us at lib-space@umn.edu.


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