Are there classes taught in the Wilson SMART Learning Commons? Does the Commons close?


While the Wilson SMART Learning Commons generally is used as a space for students to receive access to computing, tutoring with their course work, and media production support, on occasion the space may be closed, for use to teach workshops with large groups of students.

We understand that this can be an inconvenience to the students who use our space, so when this event is on the horizon, we strive to communicate a Wilson SMART closure with as much as warning as possible. This communication includes placing signage up in front of the 3 Wilson SLC doors the night before the event indicating that the room will be closed for part of the next day, providing a 30 minute and 15 minutes "heads up" to patrons in the room that the room will be used for a workshop, and also recommending the use of other computers located in Wilson Library and at the 50 Humphrey Computer Center.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding as we seek to provide support for students in both individual and group settings. For questions or concerns please contact Scott Spicer, ( or at 612-626-0629.


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