Where can I find books with call numbers that are 81-something, 87-something, or 88-something?


These books can be found in Wilson Library:

  • Books with call number 81-something: Fourth Floor Stacks
  • Books with call number 87-something or 88-something: Third Floors Stacks


  • Don't confuse an 81- number with an 081 number (or 87 with 087, or 88 with 088)
  • Take note when an author's last name starts with an O. It's easy to misread that as the number 0 and become even more confused: books by Eugene O'Neill, Ovid, and Origen may show up as 81On, 87Ov, or 88Or, for instance, but the third character in each case is the letter O rather than the number 0.


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