How do I use the two Journal of Chemical Research series, Miniprint and Synopses?


Before 2004, the Journal of Chemical Research was split into two series, "Miniprint [0308-2350]" and "Synopses [0308-2342]". You'll often see it written like "Journal of Chemical Research (M)" and "Journal of Chemical Research (S)". The two-page synopses in JCR (S) usually show up in full text in JCR (M) of the same year. Walter Library keeps both series. The Journal of Chemical Research (S) is on microfiche and in print, but the full text papers in the Journal of Chemical Research (M) are only on microfiche.

If you have a citation to J. Chem. Research (S), 1987, 75, you will find a synopsis on page 75 of that year as well as a citation to the full text in J. Chem. Research (M). The full text citation will include frame numbers rather than page numbers. The frame number ranges are printed on the top of each microfiche.

See this description of the two series from a 1977 volume of JCR (M):

J. Chem. Research (S) contains SYNOPSES of papers accepted for publication. The synopses are of one or two printed pages in extent. Each synopsis commences on a new page. At the right-hand side of the top of the first page of a synopsis you will find the bibliographic data of the synopsis and of the full-text version (where there is one). Pieces of work which are complete in themselves (i.e. not preliminary communications) which meet the necessary criteria for acceptance and which can be accommodated in two printed pages or less may be published in J. Chem. Research (S) without the need to repeat the full text in J. Chem. Research (M).

J. Chem. Research (M) contains the FULL TEXTS of papers accepted for publication, except for the cases mentioned above where the version published in J. Chem. Research (S) is the full text. The location of the full text is indicated by the frame numbers, which are the same in the microfiche version as in the miniprint version. The last two digits of the frame number indicate the position on the fiche, and the earlier digits identify the fiche. For example, the first frame on the first fiche is numbered 0101; the last frame on the same fiche is 0198. The eighteenth frame on the forty-second fiche will be 4218. In the miniprint version there are nine frames per page, and the frame numbers are indicated at the top of each page as well as being printed individually at the bottom of each frame.

When citing papers published in J. Chem. Research, please indicate the starting page of the synopsis and the first frame of the full text version, thus: J. Chem. Research, 1977, (S) 108; (M) 3281. Of course, if you are drawing attention to a particular statement or result in a paper rather than the work as a whole, it will suffice to refer to (say) J. Chem. Research (M), 1977, 3285.


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