The MINNDOCS list is the official communications vehicle for Federal Depository Libraries in Minnesota, South Dakota, and Michigan. It is used for official messages from the Regional Library, for notices of meetings, and also for general information and questions for and from documents librarians in the region.

Each Federal Depository Library in these states is required to have at least one staff member on MINNDOCS. That staff member is responsible for communicating essential messages to appropriate staff. Any number of other staff members may also subscribe. Only members of the list may post messages.

Send a message to listserv@lists.umn.edu with the command subscribe minndocs YourFirstName YourLastName (example: subscribe minndocs Amy West). This must be the ONLY content of the message. Turn OFF your email signature or add the word end by itself on the second line of the message.

You can leave the list at any time by sending a SIGNOFF command to listserv@lists.umn.edu: signoff minndocs. There is no need to type your name, but remember to turn OFF your signature or type end.

The listserv address is for commands relating to your subscription. Do not send messages to this address. Send messages for the list to minndocs@lists.umn.edu. When replying to messages on the list, be careful to see if your reply is going to the whole list - you may want to reply only to the sender!
Questions about the list may be directed to the Regional Librarian: Kirsten Clark.