The Regional Depository Library Disposal Guide is integral to ensuring the Regional has a complete set of federal government publications in a tangible format. For much of the collection, this policy is in effect when selective depositories in Minnesota, South Dakota, and Michigan choose to withdraw federal publications from their collections.

For some titles, however, it is easier to provide known needs rather than have each selective go through the extensive searching of the University of Minnesota catalog holdings, especially for serial titles with hundreds of volumes. To help selectives with these specific titles, the following needs lists have been developed.

Needs Lists

Needs List Process

  1. Once a selective decides to withdraw a title or part of a title, check the needs lists to determine if any volumes are missing by the regional.
  2. If a volume is needed by the regional, email Clarice Ostman, directly with the title and volume information. This ensures that the regional hasn't received this volume already but not yet updated the needs lists.
  3. To help in identifying emails related to this process, please put "REGIONAL NEEDS LIST" in the subject line of the email.
    • If the title to be withdrawn is NOT on a needs list, selectives must follow the regular disposal process.
    • If a selective is withdrawing a title noted as "basic collection" on one of the needs lists, they are required to have the titles accessible for immediate use through the library's website, the library's catalog, or some other form of online access.


Please direct any questions about this policy to the regional librarian, Alicia Kubas.