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Borrowing Library Materials

You will need to be currently registered at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities and have an UCard in order to check out materials from the Libraries. Find out more about obtaining an UCard.

As a U of M, TC graduate student, you are able to take advantage of many library services:

  • Check out books for 13 weeks at a time; receive unlimited renewals per book for up to one year; borrow up to 350 books at a time. Note: Although most regular loan books can be checked out for 13 weeks. Loan periods will vary for some materials.
  • After you have had a book for two weeks or more it is subject to recall. If your book has been recalled, you will be sent an email with a new due date. Additional fines will be assessed for recalled books not returned by the new due date.
  • Recall materials [If you need a book that is checked out, fill out a recall request to have the book returned to the library within ten days (rather than waiting until the due date). You will be notified by the Circulation department when the book is available for you to check out.].
  • Remotely access hundreds of online library indexes and databases from your home, office, as well as while you are in the library. These allow you to search for articles, book chapters, conference proceedings, and more.

Note: Students who are registered for spring term will have access during summer term, even if they are not registered during the summer.

Graduate students who do not register through the Graduate School, and who are working on a thesis or dissertation but are not currently enrolled in courses, may still be eligible to receive full library privileges. You need to complete the University Libraries' "Unregistered Graduate Student" form, which ultimately needs to be approved by your faculty advisor. If you wish to obtain the form and additional information about the application procedure, you can:

  • Contact the Libraries' Borrowing Privileges & Fines office.
  • Request the form from your department. You can then submit the form to your faculty advisor for completion and approval.

To find out more about borrowing materials go to the Services webpage.

Laptop Use

Currently enrolled U of M TC students can connect to the Internet using laptops at all of the libraries in the University of Minnesota Library system. To read more about wireless access in campus buildings, visit their wireless site.

For additional assistance with setting up your laptop for wireless connections, call the NTS Technical Assistance Center at 5-0006. Technical questions about wireless should be directed to the OIT help desk at 1-HELP.

Note: In general, because of interference from metal bookshelves, wireless signals do not reach the building?s outer walls where carrels are located, and work best in the central open study spaces. You will also be able to connect your laptop at the campus Internet kiosks that have an ether jack port.

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Libraries to U

Libraries to U is a fee based service that provides access to University of Minnesota library materials. Their staff will check out books or photocopy articles and deliver them to you on or off campus locations for a fee.

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Printing Services at the Libraries

You can use either your UCard or a Gopher Gold card to print at most of the campus libraries. Use a Cash-to-Card machine to add money to your UCard, or to purchase a Gopher Gold card.

To print from a library computer connect to the Uniprint network, follow these directions:

  • Once you're ready to print, select print on your library computer.
  • Follow the screen prompts.
  • At a Uniprint station, insert your card into the card reader.
  • Using the mouse, select the items you want to print from the print list and press Print.

Note: Be sure to retrieve print jobs from the Uniprint system within two hours because the system deletes jobs older than two hours from its menu.

For printing instructions at the various campus libraries contact the respective library directly at http://www.lib.umn.edu/about/collections.

Note: Computer cards cannot be used for printing purposes in the libraries.

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Reserve Materials

Course Reserve Materials - print or electronic - are submitted to the Libraries by instructors for use by enrolled students only. Reserve materials may be found from the Services Link from the Libraries Home Page. Print materials are kept in the library and available for select periods of type, typically, two hour periods, and the electronic reserve allows instructors to have articles, syllabi, sample tests, and class notes placed online so that students can access them remotely.

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Returning Library Material

There are 24 hour drop-off points at all of the library locations. Material, with the exception of Reserve material, can be returned to any University Library.

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Request a Library Carrel

If you need a private, locked study area in the library, you can request one at Wilson Library. To apply, stop at Wilson Library's Circulation Desk and fill out an application. Applications must be filled out and returned to Wilson Library Circulation Desk by the first day of the semester. Carrels are assigned before the end of the first week of class. To find out whether you have been successful in reserving a carrel, stop by Wilson Circulation Desk, or call (612) 624-3321.

Note: If you are unable to request a library carrel, most libraries have unlocked, public quiet study areas. Contact the Circulation Desk of the library you plan to visit for the locations of these study areas at http://www.lib.umn.edu/about/collections.

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Your Account

This feature, found from the Library home page, allows you to manage your library loan activities. You can:

  • Find out what items you have checked out
  • Prevent fines by tracking due dates for any item you have checked out
  • Extend the loan period for any item you have checked out (you can renew items twice before you need to return them)
  • Recall items and/or see what items you have recalled or put on hold
  • Look at any library messages you might have
  • See any fines or library blocks you might have on your record

To access Your Account, you need to enter in your Internet ID and password. If you are on a computer that required you to log in, please remember to log out before you leave the computer.

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Scholarships, Grants, and Financial Aid

If you are looking for additional scholarships, financial aid, or grants, the Library provides links to a selected list of opportunities.

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SMART Learning Commons (SLC)

SMART Wilson
SMART Magrath


SMART Learning Commons are located in Magrath and Wilson Libraries. They provide research, writing, and technology support. The Commons can help you learn about tools available such as camcorders, scanners, software, flash readers, and the wireless network. The SLC staff will not create projects for you, but will help you harness the technology to create an effective end product.

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Study Space

All libraries have designated quiet study areas and group study areas. Wilson Library also has a deep quiet study space on the second floor where talking, cell phones, and keyboarding are not permitted.

We hope that this booklet has helped you start your academic research. If you have additional questions, please contact us at http://infopoint.lib.umn.edu/email.phtml. We are looking forward to assisting you.

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