About this Toolkit

This toolkit for collaborative, interdisciplinary groups provides an overview of tools and resources for each stage of the group process. The toolkit is currently in development, and we appreciate any feedback or suggestions for additions. Comments can be sent to jmcburne@umn.edu.

The toolkit is created and maintained by the University Libraries in collaboration with the Graduate School's Office of Interdisciplinary Initiatives and the Institute for Advanced Study.


Investigating Potential Group Hosts: Campus Programs for Interdisciplinary Groups

Finding Potential Collaborators

Finding Grant Opportunities and Assistance

Learning How to Work as a Team

Setting Up an Online Collaborative Space

Finding Meeting Space

Group Management Resources

  • Assign group roles, such as blog moderator
  • "Seven Keys to Successful Collaboration" [pdf]
  • Tips for facilitating and leading group discussions

Managing Your Data

Writing Collaboratively

Managing Your Group's Academic Identity

  • Choose a standard group/grant designation to brand all group research products
  • Create/use each author's ORCID identifier to ensure accurate credit for grant applications/paper submissions/etc.

Managing Your Group's Intellectual Property

Choosing an Archive or Data Repository

Documenting Your Group's History

  • Save a clear summary of the group's history and activities
  • Submit any necessary personnel or financial records
  • Make sure that control of webpages/accounts/files/equipment/other research artifacts has been properly transferred
  • Check for reporting requirements from your sponsoring department/program/center
  • Check with University Archives for guidelines on whether records should be retained and transferred

Publishing Your Work

Comments on the toolkit or suggestions for additions can be sent to Jenny McBurney (jmcburne@umn.edu)