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Starting on:9/1/2004
Ending on:9/1/2007
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Complete By Thu Sep 23, 2004: Understanding Expectations

Complete By Fri Oct 15, 2004: Identifying your research questions

Complete By Sun Nov 28, 2004: Developing a methodology or methodological framework

Complete By Mon Jan 10, 2005: Surveying literature to position your research in your field

Complete By Fri Jan 21, 2005: Establishing a dissertation committee

Complete By Fri Apr 08, 2005: Writing a dissertation proposal

Complete By Sat Apr 30, 2005: Creating a work plan

Complete By Sun May 22, 2005: Creating a dissertation support network

Complete By Thu Mar 02, 2006: Conducting research

Complete By Wed Apr 26, 2006: Conducting a comprehensive literature review

Complete By Fri Dec 01, 2006: Outlining and drafting chapters

Complete By Thu Jan 25, 2007: Taking care of visual details (illustrations, tables, figures, graphics, etc.)

Complete By Tue Mar 20, 2007: Reviewing, revising, and submitting your text for comment and initial approval

Complete By Mon May 14, 2007: Creating defense draft and defending dissertation

Complete By Tue Jun 05, 2007: Writing the abstract

Complete By Thu Jul 19, 2007: Finalizing revisions

Complete By Fri Aug 10, 2007: Submitting dissertation

Complete By Sat Sep 01, 2007: Getting closure

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