Bulgarian American Periodicals

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Note: For the purposes of this guide, materials relating to Bulgarian Americans and Macedonian Americans are described together below. This is not meant in any way to blur distinctions between Macedonians and Bulgarians. It is done simply in recognition of the fact that due to historical circumstances and migration patterns too involved to relate here, sources useful for the study of one group are often relevant for the other.



Makedonska Tribuna (Macedonian Tribune), Indianapolis, IN. Weekly: 1963-date. Includes English.


American Bulgarian Review, Mount Vernon, NY. Frequency varies: 1957, 1960. Includes English.

Balkania, St. Louis, MO. Quarterly: 1967-1973. English.

Bulgarian Studies Association Newsletter, Gary, IN. Quarterly: 1980. English.

Bulgarian Studies Group Newsletter, Gary, IN. Quarterly: 1978-1979. English.