Estonian American Periodicals

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Eesti Post (Estonian Post), Geislingen, West Germany. Weekly: 1949-1950.

Eesti Rada (Estonian Trail), Augsburg, West Germany. Weekly: 1949-1950.

Meie Elu (Our Life), Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Weekly: 1965-date.

Pildipost (Illustrated Post), Geislingen, Germany. Weekly (?): 1949.

Uus Ilm (The New World), Monroe, NY. Weekly: 1912, 1919-1921, 1923-1927, 1930. 

Vaba Eesti Sõna (Free Estonian Word), New York, NY. Weekly: 1949-date.

Vaba Eestlane (Free Estonian), Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Semi-weekly: 1952-1955, 1973-1974.

Vabadusvõitlus (The Struggle for Freedom), New York, NY. 1954.


Aja Kaja (The Echo of Time), Albany, NY. Irregular: 1965-1970. Estonian.

B.E.O. Bülletään (Baltimore Eesti Organisatsioonide), Baltimore, MD. Monthly: 1973-1978, 1990-2010. Estonian.

Eesti Elu Tahtraamat (Estonian Life Almanac; previously titled Meie Elu Tahtraamat), Toronto, ON, Canada. Annual: 2002-2006, 2008-2010. Estonian.

Eesti Ev. Luteri Usu Kiriku Teated (Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church Newsletter), New York, NY. Monthly?: 1950. Estonian.

Eesti Kalendar (Estonian Almanac), Detmold, Germany. Annual: 1949. Estonian.

Eesti Kirik (The Estonian Church), Stockholm, Sweden. Monthly: 1954-1959, 1970, 1974. Estonian.

Eesti Kirik Vabaduses (Yearbook of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church), Toronto, ON, Canada. Annual: 1958. Estonian.

Eesti Male (Estonian Chess), Ozone Park, NY. Semiannual: 1974-1975. Estonian.

Eesti Seinakalendar (Estonian Wall-Calendar), New York, NY. Annual: 1960, 1963. Estonian.

Eestlase Tahraamat (Estonian Letter-Book), Geislingen, Germany. Annual: 1947. Estonian.

Estonian League of the West Coast Bulletin, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Frequency unknown: 1976-1977. Estonian.

Kauge Kodu, Augsburg, Germany. Frequency unknown: 1947. Estonian.

Kirikuleht: Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church News, Geislingen, Germany. Monthly: 1948-1950, 1952-1955 [supplements to Kirikuleht: Meie Lastele, 1948, 1952-1955, three undated issues; Meie Noortele, 1952-1955, three undated issues]. Estonian.

Kodukolle (Hearth of Home), Toronto, ON, Canada. Monthly: 1952-1954. Estonian.

Kultuuriside: Eesti Kultuurfondi Teataja (The Estonian Cultural Fund Newsletter), Brooklyn, NY. Semiannual: 1969-1974, 1976-1977. Estonian.

Los Angelese Eesti Seltsi Teataja (Los Angeles's Estonian Association Newsletter), Los Angeles, CA. Frequency unknown: 1968. Estonian.

Meie Elu Tahtraamat (Our Life Almanac), Toronto, ON, Canada. Annual: 1962-1991, 1993-2001. Estonian.

Meie Tee (Our Path), New York, NY. Monthly: 1935-1937, 1941-1942, 1944-1946, 1948-1979. Estonian.

Minnesota Postimees (Minnesota Courier), Minneapolis, MN. Irregular: 1952-1954, 1957-2010. Estonian.

Mötteid (Thoughts), Chicago, IL. Bimonthly: 1965-1966. Estonian.

New Yorgi Eesti Ev. Luteriusu Kirik (Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church of New York), New York, NY. Bimonthly: 1952-1954. Estonian.

Noorte Sõna (Word of Youth), New York, NY. Monthly: 1957-1971. Estonian.

N.Y. Eesti Filatelistide Selts Bülletään (New York Estonian Philatelist Society Bulletin), New York, NY. Semiannual: 1971-1973, 1976, 1978-1980. Some English.

Oma Kirik (Our Church), Brooklyn, NY. Monthly: 1968, 1972. Estonian.

Põhja-Ameerika IV Eesti Päevade Teataja (North America IV Estonian Days Journal), New York, NY. Monthly: 1968. Estonian.

Põhjamaa Tähistel (Nordic Letters), Augsburg, Germany. Weekly: 1946-1948. Estonian.

Rahvuslane (The Nationalist), Islington, ON, Canada. Bimonthly: 1967-1968, 1971. Estonian.

Triinu, Toronto, ON, Canada. Quarterly: 1955-1995. Estonian.

Tulimuld: Eesti Kirjanduse ja Kultuuri Ajakiri (Fire and Earth: The Magazine of Estonian Literature and Culture), Lund, Sweden. Quarterly: 1950-1960. Estonian.

Ühispanga Uudised (The Co-op Bank News), Toronto, ON, Canada. Annual: 1957-1966, 1969, 1977. Estonian.

Usk Ja Elu (Faith and Life), Toronto, ON, Canada. Bimonthly: 1968-1977, 1979-1982. Estonian.

Usu Sõna (Word of Faith), Chicago, IL. Monthly: 1950-1954. Estonian.

Uus Ilm (The New World), Monroe, NY. Monthly: 1984. Estonian.

Vaba Eestlase Tähtraamat (The Free Estonian’s Almanac), Toronto, ON, Canada. Annual: 1966, 1968, 1970-1972, 1974. Estonian.

Väliseestlase Kalender (Calendar for Estonians Abroad), New York, NY. Annual: 1950-1979, 1982. Estonian.

Viiking (Viking), New York, NY. Frequency unknown: 1961, 1966. Estonian.

Viimasel Minutil (At The Last Minute), Lakewood, NJ. Three issues only for 1967 Estonian Scout Jamboree.

Võitlev Eesti (Fighting Estonia), New York, NY. Irregular: 1952-1954, 1956. Estonian.