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ACIM Dispatch (American Committee on Italian Migration), New York, NY. Frequency varies: 1952-1968, 1971-1973. English.

ACIM Newsletter (American Committee on Italian Migration), New York, NY. Frequency varies: 1969-1970, 1972-1976, 1978-date. English.

Affari Sociali Internazionali (International Social Relations), Milan, Italy. Quarterly: 1973, 1984-1987.

L'Alba Sociale (The Social Dawn), Ybor City-Tampa, FL. Bi-weekly. (Microfilm: 1901).

L'Allarme (The Alarm), Sommerville, MA. Frequecy varies. (Microfilm: 1916).

Almanacco Enciclopedico Personeni (Encyclopedic Almanac Personeni), New York, NY/San Francisco, CA. Annual: 1930.

Almanacco Sociale Italo Americano (Italian American Social Almanac), Chicago, IL. Annual: 1924 (English section)-1925.

Almanacco Sovversivo (Subversive Almanac), Barre, VT. Annual: 1906-1907.

America (previously titled La Frusta), Denver, CO. Monthly: 1923-1924.

America, St. Louis, MO. Monthly: 1942-1943. Includes English.

America-Italy Newsletter, New York, NY. Quarterly: 1955-1978, 1983. English.

America-Italy Society Inc. Memo, New York, NY. Three issues per year: 1977-1978. English.

American Italian Historical Association (AIHA) Newsletter, Brooklyn, NY (place of publication varies). Frequency varies: 1967-1968, 1970, 1972-1975, 1977-1983, 1985 (one undated issue). English.

American-Italian Historical Association Central Jersey Chapter Newsletter, Princeton, NJ. Monthly: 1981. English.

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American Italian Historical Association Central New York Chapter Newsletter, Morrisville, NY. Bi-monthly: 1985-date. English.

American Italian Historical Association Maryland, Washington, DC. Chapter Newsletter, Baltimore, MD. Quarterly (?): 1977. English.

American Italian Historical Association Midwest Regional Chapter Newsletter, Chicago, IL. Quarterly: 1980. English.

American Italian Historical Association Western Chapter Newsletter, San Franscisco, CA. Quarterly: 1978-date. English.

Americans of Italian Descent, Inc. (AID) News, New York, NY. Frequency varies: 1968-1969. English.

AMITA (American Italian Achievements), New York, NY. Annual: 1977, 1979, 1981. English.

L'Anarchia (Anarchy), New York, NY. Monthly (?): (Microfilm: 1918). Includes some English.

L'Anarchico (The Anarchist), New York, NY. Monthly. (Microfilm: 1888).

Antonion (Society of St. Anthony of Padua), St. Paul, MN. Frequency varies: 1983-date. English.

L'Appello (The Call), Cleveland, OH. Monthly. (Microfilm: 1917).

Arba Sicula; Sicilian Language Folklore and Literary Review, Brooklyn, NY. Annual: 1979-1980, 1983-1984, 1986. Includes English.

L'Asino (The Donkey), Rome, Italy. Weekly: 1901-1908, 1917, 1919-1922.

Association of Italian-Canadian Writers Newsletter, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Monthly: 1987. English.

Attenzione (Attention), New York, NY. Bi-monthly: 1979-date. English.

L'Aurora (The Dawn), Brooklyn, NY. Monthly: 1924.

L'Aurora (The Dawn), Utica, NY. Weekly, semi-monthly. (Microfilm: 1928-1929). Includes English.

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L'Avvenire (The Future), New York, NY. Bi-weekly: 1943.

Balilla, Lynn, MA. Semi-monthly. (Microfilm: 1912).

The Beacon (previously titled The East Side Journal and The Mayfield Herald), Cleveland, OH. Monthly: 1933. Includes English.

Bollettino della Giunta Cattolica Italiana per L'Emigrazione (Bulletin of the Italian Catholic Committee for Emigration), Rome, Italy. Monthly: 1951-1952, 1964.

Il Bollettino Italiano (The Italian Bulletin), Chicago, IL. Monthly: 1957-1958. Includes English.

Bollettino Quindicinale dell'Emigrazione (Biweekly Emigration Bulletin), Milan, Italy. Bi-weekly: 1949-1953.

The Bridge, St. Paul, MN. Quarterly: 1944-1945. English.

Il Caffe (The Cafe), Sacramento, CA. Bi-monthly: 1981-1982.

Calendario Civile (Civic Calendar), Chicago, IL. Annual: 1954.

Il Carroccio (The Italian Review), New York, NY. Monthly: 1915-1916, 1920-1925, 1930-1932. Includes English.

Casa Italiana Newsletter (Columbia University), New York, NY. Frequency varies: 1966, 1971, 1975-1977. English.

Center of Italian-American Studies, Brooklyn, NY. Quarterly: 1980. English.

La Cisilute, Rexdale, Ontario, Canada. Quarterly (?): 1976.

Columbus (previously titled Corriere Italo-Americano), New York, NY. Monthly: 1917-1924, 1928. Includes English.

Columbus Day Souvenir Program, San Francisco, CA. Annual: 1971, 1973, 1976, 1978-1980. English.

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Comitato Italiano per la Storia Americana Bollettino (Italian Committee for American History Bulletin), Florence, Italy. Annual: 1976.

Comparè, New York, NY. Monthly: 1976. English.

Il Compasso (The Compass), Chicago, IL. Monthly: 1954.

La Comune (The Commune), Philadelphia, PA. Monthly. (Microfilm: 1911-1915).

Congress of Italian-American Organizations, Inc. (CIAO) Reports, New York, NY. Frequency varies: 1972-1977. English.

Controcorrente (Countercurrent), Boston, MA. Monthly: 1938-1951. (English section 1939-1945).

Controcorrente: Rivista di Critica e di Battaglia (Countercurrent: Magazine of Criticism and Battle), Boston, MA. Bi-monthly: 1963-1964.

Il Contro-Pelo (Counterpoint), Barre, VT. Monthly. (Microfilm: 1911-1912).

Il Convito (The Banquet), Bronx, NY. Monthly: 1926-1927.

Il Co-operatore (The Cooperator; Official Organ of the Pueblo Cooperative Association Mercantile Co.), Pueblo, CO. Bi-monthly: 1918-1919. (Microfilm: 1918-1919).

Dante, New York, NY. Monthly: 1940. Includes English.

I Diritti dell'Uomo (The Rights of Man), Rome, Italy. Quarterly (?): 1952.

Divagando (Wandering), New York, NY. Weekly: 1952, 1955-1957.

Due Mondi (Two Worlds), New York, NY. Monthly: 1979.

East End Journal (previously titled East Side Journal; consolidated with La Zotta in 1939) Cleveland, OH. Monthly: 1933-1939. Includes English.

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Eighth Annual Report of the Italian Culture Council, Inc., Newark, NJ. Annual: 1971.

L'Emigrato Italiano (The Italian Emigrant; previously titled L'Emigrato Italiano in America and Le Missioni Scalabriniane), Bassano del Grappa, Italy (previously published in Rome, Italy). Monthly: 1914-1920, 1944-1946, 1953, 1961-1977.

Fairmount News, St. Louis, MO. Monthly: 1939-1942. Includes English.

Fiori e Sorrisi Italici (Italic Flowers and Smiles), New York, NY. Semi-monthly: 1914.

Fioritura Nova (New Flowering), Brooklyn, NY. Weekly: 1919.

La Follia di New York (The New York Folly), New York, NY. Monthly: 1934-1935, 1939, 1955, 1958-1971, 1982-date. Includes English.

Fratellanza News, St. Louis, MO. Monthly: 1971-1975. English.

Friends of Danilo Dolci, Inc., Philadelphia, PA (previously published in New York, NY). Monthly: 1971-1973, 1975, 1983. English.

La Gazzetta Legale Italo-Americana (The Italo-American Legal Gazette; previously titled La Gazzetta del Notaio Italo-Americano), New York, NY. Monthly: 1951. Includes English.

Il Gazzettino (The Little Gazette), South San Francisco, CA. Frequency varies: 1973-1979. Includes English.

Germinal, Chicago, IL. Monthly. (Microfilm: 1913).

Il Giornalino (The Little Daily), Albuquerque, NM. Monthly: 1975, 1977-1979, 1981. Includes English.

Il Giornalino (The Little Daily), Middlebury, VT. Monthly: 1979-1983.

Giovinezza (Youth), New York, NY. Monthly: 1932.

Guardia Rossa (The Red Guard), New York, NY. Occasional: 1920.

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Guida Pratica della Parrocchia Italiana del SS. Redentore (Practical Guide of the Italian Parish of the Holy Redeemer), St. Paul, MN. 1909. Includes English.

I-Am, New York, NY. Monthly: 1976-1977. Includes English.

L'Idea (The Idea), New York, NY. Semi-monthly: 1923.

Identity, New York, NY. Monthly: 1977. English.

L'Indipendente (Independent Order Sons of Italy), New York, NY. 1924.

L'Informatore per l'Emigrante (The Emigrant's Adviser), Rome, Italy. Monthly: 1922-1928.

International Lyric Courier, New York, NY. Monthly: 1949-1950. Includes English.

L'Internazionale (The International), Philadelphia, PA. Semi-monthly. (Microfilm: 1909).

Istituto di Studi Americani, Comitato di Coordinamenta per gli Studi di Storia Americana Bollettino (Bulletin of the Coordinating Committee for American History Studies, Institute of American Studies), Florence, Italy. Monthly (?): 1972.

Istituto Italiano di Cultura Newsletter (Italian Cultural Institute Newsletter), New York, NY. Quarterly: 1970-1978. English.

Italamerican, New York, NY. Monthly: 1954-1955, 1967-1968. Includes English.

The Italian, Miami, FL. Monthly: 1971, 1974. English.

Italian American Coalition Newsletter, New York, NY. Monthly: 1972. English.

Italian American Digest, New Orleans, LA. Quarterly: 1974-1983, 1987. English.

Italian American Family Scene, San Francisco, CA. Monthly: 1975-1976. Includes English.

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Italian American Federation of the East Bay Columbus Celebration, Oakland, CA. Annual: 1979. English.

Italian American Review, Brooklyn, NY. Monthly: 1967, 1976. English.

Italian American Review, New York, NY. Weekly: 1921-1922. Includes English.

Italian Americana, Buffalo, NY. Semi-annual: 1975-1976, 1979, 1981. English.

Italian Canadiana, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Quarterly (?): 1985. Includes French and English.

Italian Chamber of Commerce Bulletin, Chicago, IL. Bi-monthly, monthly: 1957-1959, 1968-1970. (Microfilm: 1908-1921). Includes English.

Italian Chamber of Commerce Almanac, New York, NY. Annual: 1932-1933. Includes English.

Italian Cultural Society, Sacramento, CA. Quarterly (?): 1982, 1985. English.

Italian Culture Council, Inc. Bulletin, New York, NY. Monthly: 1965-1972. English.

Italian Heritage Newsletter, Rowayton, CT. Monthly: 1969-1975. English.

Italian Intercollegiate Review, New York, NY. Monthly: 1923. English.

Italian Monthly (previously titled Canale Tre), New York, NY. Monthly: 1978-1980. English.

The Italian Times, Milwaukee, WI. Monthly: 1979, 1982. English.

The Italian Professional Man, New York, NY. Annual: 1937-1938. English.

Italian Social Science Center Newsletter, Flushing, NY. Frequency varies: 1973. English.

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The Italian Young Folks League of America Bulletin, Brooklyn, NY. Monthly: 1925-1933. English.

Italiani nel Mondo (Italians in the World), Rome, Italy. Bi-weekly: 1945-1953, 1969.

Italica Gens (Italic People), Turin, Italy. Frequency varies: 1910-1916.

L'Italico (The Italic), Portland, OR. Weekly: 1913.

Italo American National Union (I.A.N.U.) Bulletin, Mount Morris, IL. Bi-monthly: 1967. English.

Italo American National Union Newsletter, Melrose Park, IL (previously published in Chicago, IL). Monthly: 1978-1985. English.

Italo Canadian Commercial Directory, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Annual: 1967. Includes English.

Italy. Commisariato dell'Emigrazione. Bolletino dell'Emigrazione (Office of the Commissioner of Emigration. Emigration Bulletin), Rome, Italy. Monthly. (Microfilm: 1902-1927).

Italy. Ministero degli Affari Esteri. Direzione Generale dell'Emigrazione. Notiziario dell'Emigrazione (Ministry of Foreign Affairs. General Directorate of Emigration. Emigration News), Rome, Italy. 1953.

Italy. Ufficio Centrale per l'Emigrazione Italiana Bollettino (Bulletin of the Central Office for Italian Emigration), Rome, Italy. Monthly: 1968.

Italy America Monthly, New York, NY. Monthly: 1934-1935. English.

Italy and Us, Washington, DC. Bi-monthly: 1979-1980. English.

Italy Italy, Long Island City, NY. Monthly: 1984. English.

Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans Update (previously titled Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans Newsletter), Chicago, IL. Frequency varies: 1975-1980, 1982-1983. English.

Journal of Italian History, Firenze, Vallecchi, 1978-1979.

Justinian Law Journal, Chicago, IL. Frequency varies: 1964-1974, 1976-1978. English.

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Know Canada (Conoscere Il Canada). Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Weekly: 1984. Includes English.

Lantern, Boston, MA. Monthly: 1929. English.

Il Lavoratore Industriale (The Industrial Worker), San Francisco, CA. (Microfilm: 1912). Includes French.

Lavoro (Labor; American Italian Labor Alliance), New York, NY. Monthly: 1956.

La Libertà (Liberty), New York, NY. Frequency varies. (Microfilm: 1902).

Leonardo Da Vinci Art School Yearbook, New York, NY. Annual: 1924, 1937-1939. Includes English.

Libertas (Industrial Workers of the World), Brooklyn, NY. 1927.

Lucca Bolletino Economico (Lucca Economic Bulletin), Lucca, Italy. Bi-monthly: 1975.

La Lucerna (The Lamp), River Forest, IL (previously published in New York, NY). Monthly: 1946, 1950-1954, 1958.

Il Lupo (The Wolf), Omaha, NE. Monthly: 1925.

Il Martello (The Hammer), New York, NY. Bi-weekly: 1942-1943.

Mazzini News, New York, NY. Weekly: 1941-1942. English.

Mazzini-Verdi Club News, Chicago, IL. Monthly: 1971-1972. Includes English.

Le Mammole della Madre Cabrini (The Violets of Mother Cabrini), Rome, Italy. Quarterly: 1966.

Mazzuchelli Bulletin, Sinsinawa, WI. Frequency varies: 1965-1968, 1974-1976, 1978-1979. English.

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Il Messaggero (The Messenger), Kansas City, MO. Monthly: 1958, 1965, 1967, 1975. Includes English.

Il Messaggero di Lucca (The Lucca Messenger), Lucca, Italy. Monthly: 1956, 1969-1984.

1900--29 Luglio--1901 (1900--29 July--1901), New York, NY. (Microfilm: 1901).

Le Missioni Scalabriniane (The Scalabrinian Missions), Rome, Italy. Bi-monthly: 1944-1946.

Il Momo; Satirical--Humorous--Critical, Philadelphia, PA. Semi-monthly: 1922.

Il Mondo (The World), New York, NY. Monthly: 1938-1946. Includes English.

Il Mondo Libero (The Free World), Dearborn, MI. Monthly: 1956-1959, 1961-1972. Includes English.

Mondo Nuovo (New World), Parlin, NJ. Monthly: 1972.

Mosaico (Mosaic), Downsview, Ontario, Canada. Monthly: 1975-1976. Includes English.

Mother Cabrini Messenger, Chicago, IL. Bi-monthly: 1952-1966, 1979-date. English.

The New Aurora (Italian Baptist Association), Upper Darby, PA. Monthly: 1963-1970. Includes English.

A New Day, Bloomfield, NJ. Annual: 1976. English.

News & Notes from Father Peter, Springfield, PA. Frequency varies: 1976-1978. English.

Notiziario Consolare (Consular Bulletin), Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Monthly: 1979.

Notiziario Emigrazione (Emigration News), Italy. Quarterly: 1982-1985.

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Notiziario Internazionale del Movimento Sindicale Libero (International News of the Free Syndical Movement), New York, NY. Monthly: 1949, 1952.

Notizie dall'Italia (News from Italy), Turin, Italy. Quarterly: 1980-1981, 1983-date. English.

Notizie della Stella (Stella News), St. Paul, MN. Quarterly: 1977-1994. English.

Novatore (The Innovator), New York, NY. Semi-monthly. (Microfilm: 1910-1911).

Nuovi Tempi (New Times), Paterson, NJ. Irregular. (Microfilm: 1918).

Ordine Figli d'Italia in America Bollettino Ufficiale (Official Bulletin of the Order Sons of Italy in America), New York, NY. Monthly: 1923-1924. (Microfilm: 1923-1929).

L'Organizzatore (The Organizer), Ybor City, FL. Weekly: 1920.

Pacis Romanae Ordo Filiorum (PROF) Magazine (Order of the Sons and Daughters of the Roman Peace), New York, NY. 1968. English.

Il Palcoscenico (The Stage), New York, NY. Monthly: 1936.

Panorama, New York, NY. Monthly: 1941.

La Parola del Medico (The Doctor's Word), New York, NY. Semi-monthly: 1916-1917.

La Parola del Popolo (The Word of the People; Italian Socialist Federation of the Socialist Party of U.S.A.), Chicago, IL. Monthly: 1937.

La Parola del Popolo (The Word of the People), Chicago, IL. Bi-monthly (new series 1951): 1951-1982. Includes some English.

La Pasqua dei Lavoratori (The Workers' Easter), New York, NY. (Microfilm: 1898).

Il Pensiero (The Thought), New York, NY. Quarterly: 1939.

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Petrosino, Florence, Italy. Monthly: 1973.

Il Piccolo Scrivano (The Little Scribe; East High School), Rochester, NY. Frequency varies: 1936-1937, 1939-1940.

Il Piccone (The Pickax), Taylorville, IL. (Microfilm: 1909).

Pious Society of the Missionaries of St. Charles Borromeo Annuario Scalabriniano, Rome, Italy. Annual: 1965.

Pro Nobis (For Us; Knights of Romulus), Calumet, MI. Monthly: 1912.

Il Progresso Italo-Americano (The Italian American Progress), New York, NY. Bi-weekly: 1944.

Progresso Italo-Americano Calendario (Italian American Progress Calendar), New York, NY. Annual: 1907.

Prometeo (Prometheus; Amalgamated Clothing Workers), New York, NY. Annual (?): 1925, 1928. Includes English.

La Protesta Umana (Human Protest), Chicago, IL. Monthly. (Microfilm: 1902-1903).

La Protesta Umana (Human Protest), San Francisco, CA. Monthly, weekly. (Microfilm: 1900, 1903-1904). Italian; one 1904 issue with French supplement.

Quaderni Canadesi (Canadian Notebooks), Downsview, Ontario, Canada. Quarterly: 1978.

Quaderni Italiani (Italian Notebooks), New York, NY (previously published in Boston, MA). Quarterly: 1942, 1944.

Quaderno de Giustizia e Libertà (Notebook of Justice and Liberty), Paris, France. Bi-monthly: 1933-1935.

Red White Green Magazine (Italian American Sports Hall of Fame), Bensenville, IL. Quarterly: 1979. English.

Il Refrattario (The Recalcitrant), New York, NY. Monthly (?). (Microfilm: 1919).

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Regnum Christi Insieme (Reign of Christ Without End; National Italian Center), Chicago, IL. Semi-annual: 1950, 1952, 1960-1975, 1980.

The Renewal; Il Rinnovamento (A Magazine of Christian Thought and Ethics), Jersey City, NJ. Bi-monthly: 1965. Includes English.

La Rinascenza (Renaissance), Stamford, CT. Bi-weekly: 1922.

La Riscossa (The Revolt), Brooklyn, NY. Monthly. (Microfilm: 1916-1917).

Risorgimento (Resurgence), Brooklyn, NY. 1919.

Rivista Italo-Americana (Italian-American Review), Denver, CO. Monthly: 1913-1914.

La Rivolta (The Revolt), Madison, IL. Monthly. (Microfilm: 1913-1914).

La Ronda (The Patrol), New York, NY. Monthly (?): 1945.

The Rubican, New York, NY. Monthly: 1944, 1954-1956. English.

Lo Scacciapensieri (The Pastime), Omaha, NE. Bi-weekly: 1933.

Scalabrinians, Staten Island, NY. Quarterly: 1979-date. English.

Selezione Centro Studi Emigrazione--Roma (Digest from the Emigration Studies Center, Rome), Rome, Italy. Monthly: 1966-1967, 1969-1972.

La Sentinella (The Sentry), Hoboken, NJ. Weekly. (Microfilm: 1907).

La Sentinella (The Sentry), Utica, NY. Weekly. (Microfilm: 1915).

Servizio Migranti (Migration Service), Rome, Italy. Monthly: 1973-date.

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La Settimana (The Week), New York, NY. Weekly: 1936-1937. Includes some English.

Sicilia Parra; Newsletter of Arba Sicula, the International Sicilian Ethnic and Cultural Association, Brooklyn, NY. Quarterly: 1983-1984. English.

Il Solco (The Furrow), New York, NY. Monthly: 1927.

Storia Nordamericana, Turin, Italy : Comitato italiano per la storia nordamericana. (Turin, Italy: Rosenberg & Sellier). Semiannual: 1984-1990.

La Strada; Rivista Mensile di Cultura Popolare (The Street: A Monthly Review of Popular Culture), New York, NY. Monthly: 1937-1938.

Strenna Almanacco e Catalogo Generale della Libreria Banca Tocci (Gift Almanac and General Catalog of the Tocci Bookstore), New York, NY. Annual: 1913.

Studi Emigrazione (Emigration Studies), Rome, Italy. Quarterly: 1964-date. Includes French and English.

Studi Emigrazione (Emigration Studies; supplement), Rome, Italy. Semi-monthly (begins as new series monthly, 1969): 1966-1967, 1969.

Il Teatro; Rivista Mensile per il Mondo Artistico (The Theater; Monthly Review of the Artistic World), New York, NY. Monthly: 1943.

Trade with Italy, New York, NY. Monthly: 1967. English.

Tradizioni (Tradition; Italian Folk Art Federation of America), Philadelphia, PA. Bi-annual: 1984. English.

Il Tricolore - Italy Is (The Tricolor - Italy Is), Hollywood, CA. Monthly: 1974. Includes English.

Umanesimo (Humanism), Naples, Italy. Quarterly: 1967. Includes English.

Umberto & Bresci, New York, NY. (Microfilm: 1903). Includes French and English.

UNICO (title changed to UNICO National Magazine, 1976), Bloomfield, NJ. Bi-monthly: 1962, 1966-date. English.

UNICO Foundation Inc. Bulletin, Greenfield, WI. Monthly: 1977. English.

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UNICO National Convention, United States (various cities). Annual: 1968-1980. English.

UNICO National St. Paul Chapter Annual Awards Dinner, St. Paul, MN. Annual: 1953, 1955, 1957, 1959, 1983. English.

The UNICO Newsletter, Bloomfield, NJ. Bi-monthly: 1983-date. English.

L'Unità Operaia (Working-class Unity; previously in newspaper format), New York, NY. Monthly: 1938.

United Italian American Labor Council Annual Conference, New York, NY. Annual: 1963-1964, 1966-1968, 1970, 1975. English.

Unity-Italiana, Milan, Italy. Bi-monthly: 1966-1967.

L'Uomo Nuovo (The New Man), New York, NY. Monthly (?). (Microfilm: 1916-1917).

Il Veltro (The Greyhound; Italian Chamber of Labor), New York, NY. Monthly: 1924-1925.

The Vigo Review, New York, NY. Monthly: 1938. Italian or English.

Vita (Life), New York, NY. Bi-weekly, monthly. (Microfilm: 1915).

Vita Parrocchiale (Parochial Life), Milwaukee, WI. Monthly: 1936-1937, 1939-1941. Includes English.

La Voce del Tipografo (The Printer's Voice; New York Italian Typographical Union), New York, NY. Monthly: 1936, 1938. Includes English.

La Voce dello Schiavo (The Slave's Voice), Tampa, FL. Frequency varies. (Microfilm: 1900-1901). Includes Spanish.

Voce Italiana (Italian Voice), Washington, DC. Monthly: 1971-1974. Includes some English.

Il Vomero (The Plowpoint), Philadelphia, PA. Monthly (?): 1940.

Washington Newsletter, Washington, DC. Monthly: 1977-date. English.

La Zotta (consolidated with East End Journal, 1939), St. Louis, MO. Bi-monthly: 1939-1940. Includes English.