East European Jewish American Periodicals

American Jewish World, Minneapolis, MN. Weekly: 1971, 1981-date. English.

Jewish Journal, Brooklyn, NY. Weekly: 1977-1978. English.

Jewish Press, Brooklyn, NY. Weekly: 1977-1978. English.

Jewish Record, Elizabeth, NJ. Weekly: 1941. English.

The Jewish Week & The American Examiner, New York, NY. Weekly: 1977. English.

JIAS News, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Quarterly: 1978-date. Includes English and some French.

Novy Americanetz (New American), Jersey City, NJ. Weekly: 1980. Russian.

Reform Judaism, New York, NY. Monthly: 1977. English.

Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle, Milwaukee, WI. Weekly: 1974. English.


AJHS Heritage (American Jewish Historical Society), Waltham, MA. Semi-annual: 1984. English.

American Jewish Archives, Cincinnati, OH. Quarterly: 1973-1982, 1984-date. English.

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee Annual Report, New York, NY. Annual: 1940-1946. English.

American Jewish Life, New York, NY. Monthly (except July and August): 1951-1952. English.

American Judaism, New York, NY. Quarterly: 1954, 1962, 1965. English.

Bnai Yiddish Journal, New York, NY. Bi-monthly: 1975. Includes English.

Calumet (Canadian Council of Christians and Jews), Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Monthly: 1979. English.

Canadian Jewish Yearbook, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Annual: 1959. English.

Dropsie College for Hebrew and Cognate Learning Register, Philadelphia, PA. Annual: 1928-1929. English.

Identity, Minneapolis, MN. Semi-annual: 1967-1984. English.

The Immigrant, New York, NY. Monthly: 1928. English.

Institute of Jewish Affairs Periodic Reports on the Jewish Position, New York, NY. Monthly: 1964. English.

Issues, New York, NY. Semi-annual: 1962-1965, 1967-1969. English.

Jewish Currents, New York, NY. Monthly: 1977-1978. English.

Jewish Family Almanac, New York, NY. Annual: 1943. English.

Jewish Information, Chicago, IL. Quarterly: 1962. English.

Jewish Life, New York, NY. Monthly: 1956. English.

Jewish Newsletter, New York, NY. Bi-monthly: 1960-1961. English.

Kultur un Lebn (Culture and Life), New York, NY. Bi-monthly: 1975. Includes English.

Leo Baeck Institute Yearbook XIII, London, England. Annual: 1968. English and German.

Modern Jewish Studies, Flushing, NY. Annual: 1977-1979. English.

New American (Committee for the Absorption of Soviet Emigres), Jersey City, NJ. Weekly: 1980.  English and Russian.

The Record, Washington, DC. Semi-annual: 1968. English.

Search, Niles, IL. Quarterly: 1983-date. English.

Studies in American Jewish Literature, University Park, PA. Semi-annual: 1975-1979. English.

Tayerer Landsman (Dear Countrymen), Miami, FL. Monthly: 1987-date. English.

Unser Tsait (Our Time), New York, NY. Monthly: 1972-1979.

Yiddish Studies and MJS (Modern Jewish Studies) Newsletter, Flushing, NY. Quarterly: 1978-1979. Includes English.

YIVO News (previously titled News of the YIVO; YIVO Institute for Jewish Research), New York, NY. Quarterly: 1984-1987. Includes English.