Romanian American Periodicals

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America, Cleveland, OH (previously published in Detroit, MI). Semi-monthly (previously weekly, semi-weekly, daily, triweekly): 1968-69, 1971-2008. (Microfilm: 1906-1966).


Comuniunea Româneasca (Romanian Community), Detroit, MI. Quarterly: 1973-1979, 1981-1982. Includes English.

Credinta (The Faith), Detroit, MI. Monthly: 1966-2002. Includes English.

Cuvântul Românesc (The Romanian Voice), Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Monthly: 1976-1986, 1991-2002.

Dreptatea (Justice), New York, NY. Monthly: 1974-1985.

Drum (Path), Grosse Point Woods, MI. Quarterly: 1966-1974.

Ecouri Românesti (Romanian Echoes), Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Monthly: 1974-1984.

Glasul Patriei (Voice of the Fatherland), Bucharest, Romania. Weekly: 1972.

Glasul Vremii (The Voice of the Time), Youngstown, OH. Weekly. (Microfilm: 1912).

Libertatea (Freedom), Woodside, NY (Detroit, MI). Monthly (weekly). (Microfilm: 1929-1930).

România, New York, NY. Monthly (?): 1968.

Românul (The Romanian), Youngstown, OH (previously published in Cleveland, OH). Weekly (daily, semi-weekly): 1928-1929. (Microfilm: 1906-1928).

Românul (The Romanian), Long Island, NY. Three times per year: 1960. Includes Spanish.

Românul American (The Romanian American), Detroit, MI. Weekly: 1939-1950, 1955-1960.

Solia (The Herald), Detroit, MI. Monthly (bi-weekly): 1936-1973. (Microfilm: 1936-1973). Includes English.

Steaua Noastra (Our Star), New York, NY. Bi-weekly. (Microfilm: 1912-1931).

Tribuna Româna (The Romanian Tribune), Detroit, MI. Weekly: 1930.

Tribuna României (Romania's Tribune), Bucharest, Romania. Semi-monthly: 1972-1989. Includes English page.


American Romanian Review, Cleveland, OH. Bi-monthly: 1977-1980, 1985-1989. English.

Asociatia Româna din Canada Buletinul (The Bulletin of the Romanian Association in Canada), Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Issue no. 45 (undated). Includes French.

Biblioteca Andreiu Saguna (The Andrei Saguna Library), New York, NY. Monthly: 1950.

Boian News Service, New York, NY. Bi-weekly: 1972-date. Includes English.

Buletin de Informatie Pentru Români in Exil (Information Bulletin for Romanians in Exile), Paris, France. Monthly: 1955-1957. Includes French.

Calendarul America (America Calendar), Detroit, MI (previously published in Cleveland, OH). Annual: 1912, 1916, 1920, 1922-1928, 1930, 1932-1974. Includes English.

Calendarul Bibliotecei Române (Romanian Library Calendar), New York, NY. Annual: 1917.

Calendarul Candela (Candle Calendar), Detroit, MI. Annual: 1957.

Calendarul Credinta ("The Faith" Calendar), Detroit, MI. Annual: 1966-1971, 1975-1978, 1983. (Microfilm: 1966-1971). Includes English.

Calendarul Solia (Solia Almanac), Jackson, MI. Annual: 1936-1978, 1981. Includes English.

Calendarul Viata Noua (New Life Calendar), Detroit, MI. Annual: 1934-1935.

Calendarul Ziarului Desteptarea (Newspaper Awakening Calendar), Detroit, MI. Annual. (Microfilm: 1922, 1927-1928, 1937-1938, 1946-1958, 1964).

Carpathian Observer, Rochester, NY. Semi-annual: 1976, 1978. English.

Chrestinul (The Christian), Cleveland, OH. Quarterly. (Microfilm: 1913-1914). Includes English.

La Cos (At the Wastebasket), Edwardsville, IL. Monthly: 1904. (Photocopy).

Cronica Romaneasca (Report on Romania), New York, NY. Monthly: 1955, 1957.

Curierul (The Courier), Santa Clara, CA. Quarterly (?): 1983.

Datini (Traditions), St. Paul, MN. 1986.

Fiii Daciei (Sons of Dacia), New York, NY. Quarterly: 1972-date.

Foaia Interesanta (Interesting Page; literary page of Libertatea), Cleveland, OH. Monthly. (Microfilm: 1917).

Holocaust Christian, New York, NY. Irregular: 1984-1990. English.

Information Bulletin, Jackson, MI. Quarterly: 1983-2009. English.

Lucruri Noi si Vechi (New and Old Works), Glendale, CA. Monthly: 1985-1989.

Lumea Libera (The Free World; title varies: Renasterea), Cincinnati, OH. Monthly. (Microfilm: 1911-1914).

Luminatorul (The Illuminator), Cleveland, OH (previously published in Detroit, MI). Monthly: 1944, 1966-1974. Includes English.

Miorita (Young Lamb), Hamilton, New Zealand, and Rochester, NY. Bi-annual: 1977-1981, 1983. English.

Micro Magazin, Astoria, Queens, New York. Weekly, 1989-1991. Includes English and French.

The New Pioneer, Cleveland, OH. Quarterly: 1942, 1945, 1948. English.

New York Spectator, Brooklyn, NY. Quarterly: 1982-1984. Includes French and English.

Porunca Vremii (Master of the Times), New York, NY. Monthly: 1970-1990.

Pribeagul (The Wanderer), New York, NY. Monthly. (Microfilm: 1911).

România Democrata (Democratic Romania), Woodside, NY. Frequency varies: 1972-1982.

România Muncitoare (Laboring Romania), Paris, France. Monthly: 1954.

Romanian American Ladies Association Newzette, Youngstown, VA. 1959. English.

Romanian Bulletin (Romanian Library), New York, NY. Monthly: 1972-1973, 1975-1979. English.

Romanian Orthodox Church News, Bucharest, Romania. Quarterly: 1973-1974, 1982. English.

Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America Congresul Episcopiei Annual Report, Grass Lake, MI. Annual: 1974-1978. English.

Romanian Sources, Pittsburgh, PA. Semi-annual: 1975-1980. English.

Roumania, Chicago, IL. Monthly. (Microfilm: 1917-1918). Includes English.

Roumanian Bulletin, New York, NY. Monthly. (Microfilm: 1932-1935). English.

Society for Romanian Studies Newsletter, Huntington, IN. 1980-1983, 1985. English.

Solia (The Herald; previously published as a newspaper), Detroit, MI. Monthly: 1974-2010. Includes English.

Steaua Noastra si România Noua (Our Star and the New Rumania), New York, NY. Monthly: 1920. Includes English.

Tara si Exilul (Country and the Exile), Dominican Republic. Monthly: 1973-1975, 1983-1985.

Tribuna Noastra (Our Tribune), New York, NY. Quarterly: 1978-1979, 1981-1991.

Tricolorul (The Tricolor), Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Monthly: 1980-1982. Includes French and English.

Unirea (The Union), East Chicago, IN (previously published in Cleveland, OH). Monthly: 1950-1999. Includes English.

Unirea Almanac (title varies: Calendarul Bisericei Române Catolice, Romanian Catholic Church Almanac), East Chicago, IN. Annual: 1943-1966, 1968-1989. Includes English.