Serbian American Periodicals

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American Srbobran (American Serb Defender), Pittsburgh, PA. Tri-weekly: 1942-1943, 1965-date. (Microfilm: 1906-1912, 1918-1940). Includes English.

Diocesan Observer, Libertyville, IL. Weekly: 1965-1986. Includes English.

Glas Kanadskih Srba (Voice of Canadian Serbs), Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Weekly: 1971-date. Includes English.

Jugoslovenski Americki Glasnik (Yugoslav-American Herald), Monterey Park, CA. Monthly: 1961-1970. Includes English.

Kanadski Srbobran (The Canadian Srbobran [Serb Defender]), Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Weekly: 1963-date.

Path of Orthodoxy (official organ of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the United States and Canada), Leetsdale, PA. Monthly: 1977-date. Includes English.

Sloboda (Liberty), Chicago, IL. Weekly: 1965-1982.

Slobodna Rec (Free Expression), Pittsburgh, PA. Weekly. (Microfilm: 1934-1948).

Srbadija (Serbia), New York, NY. Monthly (bi-monthly, weekly, bi-weekly). (Microfilm: 1921-1927).

Srpska Borba (The Serbian Struggle; format changes to a serial, 1982), Chicago, IL. Weekly: 1953-1981. Includes English.


Jugoslavenski Glasnik (Yugoslav Herald), Chicago, IL/Calumet, MI/New York, NY. Weekly: 1938-1945. Serbian and/or Croatian.

Jugoslovenski Obzor (Yugoslav Observer), Milwaukee, WI. Semi-monthly: 1933-1945. Slovenian.


The American Serb, Chicago, IL. Monthly: 1944-1946. English.

American-Serb Life, Pittsburgh, PA. Monthly: 1948.

Amerikanski Srbobran; Srpski Pravoslavni Kalendar (American Serb Defender; Serbian Orthodox Calendar), Pittsburgh, PA. Annual: 1922-1923, 1926, 1941, 1943, 1962-1965. Includes English.

The Beacon, Alhambra, CA. Quarterly: 1965. English.

Bratstvo (Fraternity, Serbian Monthly Review), Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Monthly: 1965.

Cheshal' (The Comb), Cheswick, PA. Monthly: 1947. Includes English.

Danas; Mesecni Casopis (Today; Monthly Journal), Chicago, IL. Monthly: 1963-1964.

Eparhiski Glasnik (The Diocesan Herald), Libertyville, IL. Annual: 1964-1966. Includes English.

Jugoslaven (The Yugoslav), San Pedro, CA. Monthly: 1928. Slovenian.

Jugoslovenski Forum (The Yugoslav Forum), New York, NY. Monthly: 1926. Includes Slovenian.

Karadorde Srpski Narodni Kalendar (Karadorde Serbian National Calendar), Pittsburgh, PA. Annual: 1928.

Nasa Omladina (Our Youth; special Christmas issue of the American Srbobran), Pittsburgh, PA. Frequency varies: 1931. English.

Pravoslavlje; Glasnik Srpske Pravoslavne Dzrkve (Orthodoxy; Herald of the Serbian Orthodox Church), Libertyville, IL. Quarterly: 1960, 1964.

Ravna Gora (Flat Mountain), Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Monthly (?): 1949. Includes English.

Serb World, Milwaukee, WI. Quarterly: 1979-1983. English.

The Serbian Democratic Forum, Chicago, IL. Frequency varies: 1973, 1975. English.

Serbian Orthodox Church in the U.S.A. and Canada Calendar, Pittsburgh, PA. Annual: 1966, 1974. Includes English.

Serbian Orthodox Church of the United States of America and Canada Glasnik (Herald), Chicago, IL. Monthly: 1965. Includes English.

Serbian Orthodox Church in the United States of America and Canada Official News Digest, South Holland, IL. Semi-monthly: 1965-1982. Includes English.

The Serbian Orthodox Herald, Libertyville, IL. Quarterly: 1945. English.

Srpska Borba (The Serbian Struggle; previously published as a newspaper), Flushing, NY. Monthly: 1982-date.

Srpsko Istorijsko-Kulturno Drustvo "Njegos" u Americi Glasnik (Herald of the Serbian Historical and Cultural Association "Njegos"), Chicago, IL. Semi-annual: 1974.

Srpska Tsrkva (The Serbian Church), Chicago, IL. Monthly: 1923.

Srpski Misionar; Duhovni Casopis (Serbian Missionary), Jordanville, NY. Frequency varies: 1962-1964. Includes some English.

Srpski Narodni Kalendar Amerika (Serbian People's Calendar America), Chicago, IL. Annual: 1959-1964.

Srpski Pravoslavni Kalendar Sveti Sava (Serbian Orthodox Calendar Saint Sava), Villa Lake, IL. Annual: 1971. Includes English.

The Tesla Journal, Lackawanna, NY. Annual: 1981-1983, 1986-1987. English.

World Magazine; Naucno-Zabavni Ilustrovani Mesecni Magazin (Illustrated Monthly Magazine in Serbian Language for Science, Culture, and World Affairs), Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Monthly: 1961.

Zavicaj (Homeland), Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Monthly: 1969, 1974-date.

Zavicaj Kalendar (Homeland Calendar), Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Annual: 1977.


Balkan and Eastern European American Genealogical and Historical Society, San Francisco, CA. Frequency varies: 1964-1966. English.

The Florida State University Center for Yugoslav-American Studies Proceedings and Reports (previously titled The Florida State University Slavic Papers), Tallahassee, FL. Annual: 1972-1977. English.

The Florida State University Joint Yugoslav-American Advisory Council Proceedings and Reports, Tallahassee, FL. Annual: 1978-1979. English.

Jugoslav Review, New York. Monthly. (Microfilm: 1923). Serbian and/or Croatian, Slovenian.

Jugoslaven (The Yugoslav), Västerås, Sweden. Quarterly: 1979. Croatian and English.

Jugoslavia Kalendar (Yugoslavia Calendar), Chicago, IL. Annual: 1939. Slovenian and English.

Kolo, New York, NY. Monthly: 1924. Slovenian.

Medunardoni Problemi (International Problems), Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Quarterly: 1982. Serbian and/or Croatian.

Nas Kalendar (Our Calendar), Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Annual: 1958. Slovenian.

Sokolski Vesnik (Sokol Herald), Milwaukee, WI. Quarterly: 1967-1975, 1980-1984. Serbian, Croatian, and Slovenian.

T & T (formerly Today and Tomorrow), Milford, NJ. Bi-monthly: 1945-1948, 1950. English.

The Tamburitzan, Pittsburgh, PA. Bi-monthly: 1959-1961, 1976. English.

That's Yugoslavia (supplement to Hrvatska Domovina), Hamburg, West Germany. Monthly: 1982. English.

United Committee of South-Slavic Americans Bulletin, New York, NY. Frequency varies: 1943-1946. English.

United Yugoslav Relief Fund of America News Bulletin (previously titled Yugoslav News Bulletin), New York, NY. Frequency varies: 1941-1945. English.

Yugoslav-American Academic Association of the Pacific Bulletin, Palo Alto, CA. Quarterly: 1977. English.

Yugoslav-American Society Newsletter, Minneapolis, MN. Bi-monthly: 1987-date. English.

Yugoslav Facts and Views, New York, NY. Monthly: 1975-1981. English.

Yugoslavia Ministarstvo Socijalne Politike Iseljenicki Odsek Iseljenicka Sluzba: Izvestaj Narodnoj Skupstini (Yugoslav Ministry of Social Policy Emigration Department Emigration Service: Report to National Assembly), Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Bi-annual: 1925-1927. Serbian and/or Croatian.