The database covers academic disciplines including arts and humanities, social sciences, sciences, medical sciences, physical education from various source including monographs, periodicals, newspapers, dissertations, reports, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and video lectures. It also includes North Korean academic journals.

Every book, pamphlet, serial, and other printed work of significance published in America 1639 - 1800 with 36,000 items and 2.4 million page images when complete. Based on Charles Evans, American Bibliography with additions from Roger Bristol's Supplement.

From the holdings of the Library Company of Philadelphia comes a broad range of recently uncovered books, pamphlets and broadsides, most of which were not included in either Charles Evans' monumental work or Roger Bristol's supplement. Printed during a 130-year period spanning the colonial era and the formation of the new nation, these nearly 1,100 rare and unique items represent an enrichment of the digital edition of Early American Imprints Series I: Evans (1639-1800).

Provides full-text and full-page-image access to books, pamphlets, and broadsides published in America from 1801 through 1819. Contains many state papers and government materials, including published reports; presidential letters and messages; and congressional, state and territorial resolutions. Based on the American Bibliography by Ralph R. Shaw and Richard H. Shoemaker, which is now supplemented by thousands of new items. Allows browsing by genre, subject, author, printing history, place of publication, and language. Allows searching in citation text, title, subject, genre, author, place of publication, publisher, and document number. Cross-searchable with other Archive of Americana collections.

From the holdings of the Library Company of Philadelphia comes a broad range of recently uncovered books, pamphlets and broadsides, most of which were not included in Ralph R. Shaw and Richard H. Shoemaker's American Bibliography. Printed during the Early Republic, spanning the inauguration of Thomas Jefferson and passage of the Indian Civilization Act, these nearly 1,000 rare and unique items represent an enrichment of the digital edition of Early American Imprints.

Includes Early American Newspapers Series 1 (1690-1876), 3 (1783-1922), 6 (1741-1922) and 7 (1773-1922). Spanning two centuries and 40 states, these archives of selective content from historical newspapers are primary sources for researching crucial conflicts from the Civil War to World War I, movements ranging from early states rights to women's suffrage, noteworthy citizens, local events, natural disasters; political campaigns; and the evolution of American culture.

Collection of electronic texts and links to texts originally written in or about the Americas from 1492 to approximately 1820.

Contains the original full text of works by 1,482 authors and including over 100,000 pages of letters, diaries, journals, maps, memoirs and accounts of early encounters.

Early European Books (EEB) provides full-text access to digital facsimiles of books printed in the Early Modern period (i.e., before 1700). The great majority of books in this collection are in languages other than English.
A detailed guide to using EEB is in process. Contact Gordon Anderson (ganderso@umn.edu) for assistance.

Access to a unique collection of India Office Records from the British Library, London. Containing royal charters, correspondence, trading diaries, minutes of council meetings and reports of expeditions, among other document types, this resource charts the history of British trade and rule in the Indian subcontinent and beyond from 1600 to 1947.

Alert: The Eastview China databases will be unavailable for up to 24 hours starting June 15, 2007 at 5:00 pm Central Daylight Time. Includes: CNKI databases, The Complete Classics Collection of Ancient China, The Encyclopedia of Taiwan.

Allows quick and easy assessment, estimation, and visualization of populations-at-risk. Demographic (age, race, sex) and socioeconomic characteristics are integrated with population data to allow integration with risk and impact assessment models. Critical component of emergency planning and management, rapid risk assessment, evacuation planning, consequence assessment, mitigation planning and implementation.

For desktop GIS Users...

WCS Server:
URL Scheme:
Ex: http://wms.cartographic.com/gws/services/LandScan2001/dataset/mapserver/wcsserver?

WMS Server:
URL Scheme:
Ex: http://wms.cartographic.com/gws/services/LandScan2001/dataset/mapserver/wmsserver?

Central and regional newspapers, governmental publications, military and security periodicals, social sciences and humanities journals, Russian/NIS newswires, Russian National Bibliography, Russian/CIS statistical publications, Kodeks Russian Law Database

Ebooks Minnesota is an online ebook collection for all Minnesotans. The collection covers a wide variety of subjects for readers of all ages, and features content from our state's independent publishers, including some of our best literature and nonfiction.
For non-affiliated library users, please access this collection via the ELM Portal.

ebrary is an ebook platform that hosts a wide variety of titles. To use features such as note taking and highlights, create a Bookshelf account. A few advanced features, including text-to-speech, require you to download the Ebrary reader to view content. Books can be read online, or downloaded for 1-2 weeks. Mobile app is available.

  • See http://www.lib.umn.edu/get/ebrary for more details.

  • Remote access available for University of Minnesota -- Twin Cities students, staff and faculty. Links to list of EBSCO databases. Click on EBSCOhost Web to be taken to a full list of available databases.

    Selected titles from publishers that contract with EBSCO. Includes titles formerly part of our subscription to NetLibrary. Plug-in Software for offline usage: Adobe Reader PDF viewer. Simultaneous Users: Either single user, three users, or unlimited users, depending on the choice made by the library liaison for that discipline (access for more users costs more money). Printing is PDF viewer-dependent. Downloading is not currently available.

    Search for articles from journals, magazines, and news sources on any topic. EBSCO MegaFILE is a combined search of Academic Search Premier, Business Source Premier and Regional Business News databases. Select "Choose Databases" to expand your search.

    EBSEES covers European scholarship in Eastern European studies from 1991 through 2007 only. This resource is no longer being updated.

    This is the catalog for the Ecole Biblique's library. It contains comprehensive bibliographic information relating to Biblical and ancient Near Eastern studies, archaeology, and related disciplines. The collection consists of more than 140,000 volumes and 400 active journals specializing in biblical studies, Near Eastern archaeology and ancient Middle Eastern languages and literature. The home page for the Ecole Biblique et Archeologie Francaise. The site includes a search engine of the library's catalogue on the Web. Catalogue De L'Ecole Biblique Et Archeologique Francaise De Jerusalem [computer file] GUIDES are in PDF format that will download from menu at http://www.ebaf.edu/wp-content/uploads/biblio/

    Electronic versions of all ESA journals, including the Bulletin, will be permanently archived at Portico. Initiated by JSTOR, includes primarily: Frontiers in Ecology ISSN: 1540-9295 (Ten issues per year ), Ecology ISSN 0012-9658 (Monthly), Ecological Applications ISSN 1051-0761 (Six issues per year)' Ecological Monographs ISSN 0012-9615 (Quarterly) Bulletin

    Focuses on how microbes, plants, and animals interact with their environments and with other organisms. Included are relevant papers on evolutionary biology, economics, and systems analysis as they relate to ecosystems or the environment. Covers habitats and food chains; erosion and land reclamation; resource and ecosystems management; modeling; the impact of climate, water resources, soil, and man; and environmental problems such as depletion, erosion, and pollution. This database is one component of the Environmental Sciences & Pollution Management (ESPM) database. To identify a additional results with a broader scope, consider conducting your search in ESPM.

    Contains bibliographic citations and selected abstracts to the professional and scholarly literature in the field of economics and allied disciplines, including journals, books, chapters in books, conference proceedings and dissertations.

    Access to The Economist from July 1997 to the most recent issue. See Economist Historical Archive for access to the older issues from 1843.

    When accessing this resource off campus or via Wi-Fi, please use VPN (Virtual Private Network) to avoid access issues. Information on VPN is available at https://it.umn.edu/service-details/virtual-private-network-vpn.

    Delivers a complete, full-text searchable copy of every issue of The Economist from 1843. Full-color images, multiple search indexes, and the facility to browse each and every issue. Access is not available for the most current four years. Current access to 1997 through the latest issue available at Economist.

    EcoSal is the online successor to the print text, "Escherichia coli and Salmonella: Cellular and Molecular Biology," from American Society for Microbiology Press. It is the premier reference source on the biology of the enteric bacterial cell. The online book encompasses the text of the second print edition, and is now continually expanded, updated, and revised by the editorial board.

    Australia and Other Countries: For Australian Education Journals and Conferences: EdResearch Online is a freely available database offered by the Cunningham Library, Australian Council for Educational Research. In it are selective records from the Australian Education Index which are available online free, or for a fee. Included in it are most major Australian education journals and conferences.

    Users curently affiliated with the University of Minnesota Twin Cities may request copies of the articles from Interlibrary Loan at http://www.lib.umn.edu/ordering/ill.phtml

    Indexes nearly 600 education journals as far back as 1929. Includes book reviews.

    In October 2002, the U.S. Department of Education discontinued distribution of microfiche of government-funded reports from the ERIC program to the Federal Depository Library Program and began providing the Government Printing Office (GPO) with electronic versions of the reports. These reports are now available as searchable PDF files, beginning with ED 463411.

    This database offers the world's largest and most complete collection of full-text education journals, and encompasses an international array of English-language periodicals, monographs, yearbooks, and many unique sources that were never previously available, covering all levels of education--from early childhood to higher education--as well as all educational specialties, such as multilingual education, health education and testing.

    A selection of more than 450 full-text academic journals, hundreds of full-text reports, and many premier reference sources. Included content focuses on educational principles, child development and psychology, and best practices in education. Majority of the full-text titles included are also found in the ERIC database. The database is updated daily and provides 24-hour access from school or home.

    From the first book printed in English by William Caxton, through the age of Spenser and Shakespeare and the tumult of the English Civil War, Early English Books Online (EEBO) contains over 125,000 titles listed in Pollard & Redgrave's Short-Title Catalogue (1475-1640), Wing's Short-Title Catalogue (1641-1700), and the Thomason Tracts (1640-1661). Among the thousands of titles featured in EEBO are works by Malory, Bacon, More, Erasmus, Boyle, Newton, Galileo; musical exercises by Henry Purcell and novels by Aphra Behn; prayer books, pamphlets, and proclamations; almanacs, calendars, and many other primary sources.

    Early English Books Online Text Creation Partnership (EEBO TCP) contains searchable, marked-up text for over 60,000 titles listed in Pollard & Redgrave's Short-Title Catalogue (1475-1640), Wing's Short-Title Catalogue (1641-1700), and the Thomason Tracts (1640-1661). EEBO TCP covers a subset of the titles available in Early English Books Online (Page Images).

    Summarizes the topic, & gives data about effects of gamma, electron beam, & beta radiation; steam autoclave; ethylene oxide; chemical disinfectants; & dry heat sterilization, and the physical changes accompanying the above.

    The eHRAF Collection of Archaeology covers the prehistory of the world with a growing collection of full-text information (e.g. books, journal articles, and dissertations) on archaeological traditions.The collection is unique in that the text is subject-indexed to the paragraph level for quick retrieval of information.

    Contains FULL-TEXT information on over 360 cultures of the world, past and present. Electronic HRAF contains resources added since 1991 but earlier segments will be added to this database on a regular basis.

    An alternative to ISI's products; ranks impact of articles and journals using different algorithm. Also looks at cost effectiveness.

    Eighteenth Century Collections Online captures the essence of the Enlightenment in Great Britain between 1701 and 1800. ECCO is a comprehensive digital edition of /The Eighteenth Century/, the world's largest library of the printed book on microfilm. ECCO allows full-text searching of over 180,000 titles English-language titles and editions -- in essence, every significant English-language and foreign-language title printed in the United Kingdom, along with thousands of important works from the Americas. It includes books, pamphlets, essays, broadsides and more.

    Includes abstracts of the hundreds of environmental impact statements issued by the federal government each year, indexed for easy reference. Each entry includes a clear description of the project, sections on positive impact and negative consequences, and legal mandates. This database is one component of the Environmental Sciences & Pollution Management (ESPM)database. To identify a additional results with a broader scope, consider conducting your search in ESPM.

    ECS (The Electrochemical Society) provides access to publications spanning the entire subject area of electrochemistry and solid state science. The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Libraries' current subscription includes access to all of the content in the ECS Digital Library, PLUS unlimited Article Credits for authors affiliated with the subscribing institution, enabling them to publish their papers as Open Access with no further charge.

    Major correspondence centred on the "long 18th century," supporting critical apparatus, and additional research carried out by EE.

    The Electronic Library of Mathematics contains online journals, article collections, monographs, and other electronic resources in the field of mathematics. All material is in electronic form and access is generally free, except for some periodicals with a "moving wall", i.e., a certain delay period after which resources become freely available. The Electronic Library of Mathematics is supervised by the Electronic Publishing Committee of the European Mathematical Society (EPC-EMS).

    Elgronline content platform provides browsable and searchable access to Edward Elgar Publishing's ebooks online. Library has access to 2015 and 2016 ebook collections in Business/Management, Economics, and Social/Political Science.

    Electronic Library for Minnesota (ELM) is a Web-based virtual library containing online magazines, newspapers, journal articles, and information from encyclopedias, almanacs, directories, and other resources. ELM is a compilation of thorough and accurate

    Remote access available for University of Minnesota -- Twin Cities students, staff and faculty
    Coverage 1998-present for most titles

    Embase is a biomedical and pharmacological database containing bibliographic records with citations, abstracts and indexing derived from biomedical articles in peer reviewed journals, and is especially strong in its coverage of drug and pharmaceutical research. Content covers 1974- Embase classic: a major biomedical and pharmaceutical database, is drawn from 43 Excerpta Medica biomedical and pharmacology print journals published between 1947 and 1973.

    Emerald is a leading English language publisher of academic and professional literature in management, library services and engineering.

    Formerly known as "ISI Emerging Markets" Delivers company and industry information, relevant proprietary content, reports, statistics, fundamental news, customized alerts, an advanced search engine, proprietary M&A information, peer analysis, credit analytics, benchmark indicators, and trend comparisons, to help understand emerging markets. While many documents are in English, some are in their native language. Much of the financial and economic data is downloadable in a spreadsheet-ready format. Dates of coverage vary. News coverage extends back 5 years. Other documents are most recent only.

    The database has five sections offering approximately 60,000 images of original documents linked to essays by leading scholars in the field of Empire Studies. The sections cover Cultural Contacts, 1492-1969; Empire Writing and the Literature of Empire; The Visible Empire ; Religion and Empire; and Race, Class and Colonialism, c1783-1969. The images will be sourced from about ten different libraries and archives around the world, including a strong core of document images from the British Library, including the Oriental and India Office Collections at the British Library; the University of Birmingham Library; the Bodleian Library, Oxford; and the Public Record Office and the State Records, New South Wales, Australia.

    Concise as well as scholarly articles on a wide range of subjects. Also includes links to related Internet resources, and the Britannica Book of the Year. Search tip: When combining words in search, capitalize AND. For example: revolution AND 1848

    The Encyclopaedia of Islam Online covers Middle Eastern and Islamic studies, bringing scholars and researchers access to over 13,000 articles (number or articles in volumes I-XI, excluding supplements on every aspect of Islam. The online edition offers access to Volumes I-XI of the English edition, plus the Index of Subjects to Volumes I-XI, Index of Proper Names to volumes I-X, and supplements. New data will be added to the online edition as they become available in the print edition.

    The Encyclopaedia of Islam First Edition Online (EI1) was originally published in print between 1913 and 1936. The demand for an encyclopaedic work on Islam was created by the increasing (colonial) interest in Muslims and Islamic cultures during the nineteenth century. The scope of the Encyclopedia of Islam First Edition Online is philology, history, theology and law until the early 20th century. Offers access to 9000 articles.

    The Online Encyclopaedia of Mathematics is an up-to-date, comprehensive, graduate-level reference work. This online edition comprises more than 8,000 entries and illuminates nearly 50,000 notions in mathematics; it contains mathematical definitions, concepts, explanations, surveys, examples, terminology and methods. The Encyclopaedia of Mathematics is updated on a regular basis, integrating the contents of the classic set (edited by Michiel Hazewinkel) and its separate update volumes.

    Basic principles, in-depth coverage, and real world applications for technically pertinent areas of modern-day physics and related fields. The encyclopedia comprehensively covers topics like optics, laser physics, solid state and semiconductor physics, atom and nuclear physics, and biophysics.

    Covers all areas of biochemistry including aspects related to molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, and biophysics. Intended for a cross-disciplinary audience.

    Encyclopedia of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering

    Designed for the nonspecialist, the Encyclopedia of Business and Finance is a 2-vol. complete reference covering five general areas: finance and banking; accounting; marketing; management; and information systems. Drawing on practical professional expertise as well as that of noted scholars, the contributors include executives, government administrators and scholars from leading business programs from around the United States.

    One of the most comprehensive and well-known encyclopedias in the field of chemical technology; it also contains a great deal of basic chemistry.

    Covers the theory & applications of computational chemistry from the discipline's inception to the present day. Includes ab initio and semiempirical methods, molecular orbital theory, density functional & classical mechanical methods, molecular modeling & dynamics, Monte Carlo simulations, databases, expert systems, synthesis & reaction planning, neural networks, QSAR, and biological and biochemical applications. Online version will be updated yearly.

    Coverage includes finance (financial management, security analysis, portfolio management, financial markets and instruments, insurance, real estate, options and futures, international finance) and statistical applications in finance (applications in portfolio analysis, option pricing models and financial research). The encyclopedia is designed to attract both an academic and professional market. It also has an international approach to ensure its maximum appeal.

    Contributions from 900 researchers in over 50 countries. This five-volume encyclopedia includes more than 550 articles on the concepts, issues and emerging technologies with compendium of 5,000 technical and managerial terms. comprehensive. Articles include references to the other research literature on information science and technologies.

    "The Encyclopedia of Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry (EIBC) is the result of a merger of two major references: The Encyclopedia of Inorganic Chemistry and the Handbook of Metalloproteins. This reference now contains over 10,000 pages of reference information online and regular updates of additional content are added on a quarterly basis EIBC is a key reference in the area of inorganic and bioinorganic chemistry and reviews the latest thinking and developments as well as in-depth coverage of core concepts in the field.

    This updated edition of the Encyclopedia of Inorganic Chemistry covers the following areas of inorganic chemistry: Main Group Elements; Transition Metals and Coordination Chemistry; Organometallic Chemistry; Bioinorganic Chemistry; Solid State, Materials, Nanomaterials and Catalysis; and General Inorganic Chemistry, Theoretical and Computational Methods.

    Covers numerous topics in management theories and applications, such as aggregate planning, benchmarking, logistics, diversification strategy, non-traditional work arrangements, performance measurement, productivity measures, supply chain management, and much more.

    Described by Booklist as "the best and most comprehensive English-language reference source for philosophy. Macmillan Reference USA, c2006. Gale/Cengage.

    This completely revised third edition, which is a university and professional level compendium of chemistry, molecular biology, mathematics, and engineering, is refreshed with numerous articles about current research in these fields. For example, the new edition has an increased emphasis on information processing and biotechnology, reflecting the rapid growth of these areas. Section editors are either Nobel Laureates or editors of key journals in their fields.

    Presents over 500 articles addressing all areas of polymer science. Updated quarterly with new and substantially revised articles, the Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Technology provides information about polymers, plastics, fibers, biomaterials, elastomers, and polymerization processes. Article coverage for 2007 and prior only.

    The second edition of a resource that is considered a standard reference in the field. Presents a cross-cultural approach that emphasizes religion's role within everyday life and as a unique experience from culture to culture. The original 2,750 entries have been retained, many heavily updated, and approximately 600 entirely new articles have been added by an international team of scholars and contributors. See also print copy at Wilson Library Reference Quarto BL31 .E46 2005

    Covers the significant religious denominations and movements that have originated or flourished in North America, from the beginning of European settlement to the present day.

    Contains four hundred subject entries and two hundred brief biographies of key figures in the history of social work. This new edition includes coverage of areas that have come to the fore since the 1995 publication of the 19th edition, including demographic changes from immigration, technology, the implications of managed care, faith-based assistance, evidence-based practice, gerontology, and trauma and disaster.

    The Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences provides information on statistical theory and the applications of statistical methods in various scientific fields. This second edition collects the entire original edition plus supplements and updates (16 volumes of the print reference).

    2nd ed. New York: Wiley, 2005. "Covers the statistical sciences, including the areas of statistics, probability theory, biostatistics, quality control, and economics, with emphasis in applications of statistical methods in sociology, engineering, computer science, biomedicine, psychology, survey methodology, and other disciplines."

    Online and in print. A collaborative work of over 600 scholars from more than forty countries, the Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages provides 3,000 concise and detailed articles on all aspects of the period from the fifth to the fifteenth century. It explores art, architecture, religion, law, science, language, philosophy, and theology, as well as cultural, religious, intellectual, social and political history. With a focus on focus on Europe and Christendom, the Encyclopedia also covers the rise of Islam and people of other cultures with whom Europeans came into contact.

    Includes more than 800 entries detailing the political, economic, and military interconnections between the United States and the countries of Latin America, including Mexico and the nations in Central America, the Caribbean, and South America. Entries cover: each country and its relationship with the United States; key politicians, diplomats, and revolutionaries in each country; wars, conflicts, and other events; policies and treaties; and organizations central to the political and diplomatic history of the western hemisphere. Key topics covered include: coups and terrorist organizations; U.S. military interventions in the Caribbean; Mexican-American War; The Cold War, communism, and dictators; the war on drugs in Latin America; Panama Canal; embargo on Cuba; Pan-Americanism and Inter-American conferences; the role of commodities like coffee, bananas, copper, and oil; "Big Stick" and Good Neighbor policies; impact of religion in U.S.-Latin American relations; and the neoliberal economic development model.

    Energy Citations contains bibliographic records for energy and energy-related scientific and technical information from the Department of Energy (DOE) and its predecessor agencies, the Energy Research & Development Administration (ERDA) and the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC). Includes bibliographic records of literature in related disciplines such as chemistry, physics, materials, environmental science, geology, engineering, mathematics, climatology, oceanography, and computer science. Includes links to the full text of some recent publications.

    Engineering Pro is a collection of titles on a wide variety of engineering topics provided through Books 24x7. To search in this collection, choose Engineering Pro from the Collections drop-down menu.

    Search both Inspec and Compendex for articles and conference papers related to engineering, computer science, and physics.

    This database comprises the works of almost 1,350 poets from 600-1900. Certain categories of material have been excluded from the database: translations into English verse after 1800, hymns published after 1800, works in languages other than English, verse drama intended for the stage, and poems never published or only published in contemporary newspapers, journals or miscellanies.

    English Verse Drama contains more than 2,000 works by around 450 named authors and approximately 230 anonymous works, from the Shrewsbury Fragments of the late thirteenth century to the end of the nineteenth century.

    A collection of electronic books on various environmental science and environmental engineering topics.

    Provides news and analysis of developments in environmental, energy, and natural resources policy. The E & E Package consists of five daily publications: ClimateWire, EnergyWire, Environment & Energy Daily, GreenWire, and E & E News PM. Also includes E&ETV (featuring video interviews). The Reports tab retrieves compiled news and special reports on specific issues, events, and areas of the world. The former weekly publication, Land Letter (natural resources policy), is available via the site search feature.

    Covers the world literature pertaining to technological and engineering aspects of air and water quality, environmental safety, and energy production. Sources include more than 500 primary journals and over 2,500 additional sources, including monographs and conference proceedings. This database is one component of the Environmental Sciences & Pollution Management (ESPM) database. To identify a additional results with a broader scope, consider conducting your search in ESPM.

    This is a site which provides access to over 7,000 EPA documents. Users can search or browse documents by number or title, National Publication Catalog or Technical Information Packages. EPA has also provided the user with an index of terminology, abbreviations, and acronyms.

    This version of the ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) database is licensed by the MINITEX Library Information Network with state appropriations from the Minnesota Higher Education Services Office (MHESO) and the Minnesota Department of Education, and provides access to education-related journal and non-journal literature.

    This version of the ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) database is licensed by the Minitex Library Information Network with state appropriations from the Minnesota Higher Education Services Office (MHESO) and the Minnesota Department of Education, and provides access to education-related journal and non-journal literature.

    ERIC is the Education Resources Information Center. It provides access to education-related journal and non-journal literature. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education, it provides full citations and abstracts for journal articles, books, curricula, government documents, dissertations, reports, and other educational materials.

    This version of the ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) database is freely available on the web and provides access to education-related journal and non-journal literature. Sponsored by the US Department of Education, it provides full citations and abstracts and some full-text for journal articles, books, curricula, government documents, dissertations, reports, and other educational materials.

    Data sets for GIS analysis of demographics, business indicators, and consumer behavior. This resource has Neilsen data on consumer expenditures and media preferences, Tapestry lifestyle segmentations, and other information for market research.

    The University of Minnesota grants access to Business Access Online to current students, faculty, and staff with an ArcGIS Online account. If you have not previously used ArcGIS Online, you may need to follow the steps below and wait approximately ten minutes for your access to be granted. If you've successfully logged in and do not yet have access, please wait ten minutes and try again. If you are still unable to access BAO after an hour, please contact uspatial@umn.edu.

    Logging in to BAO

    Step 1. Follow this link: https://bao.arcgis.com/ to the login page for Esri Business Analyst Online.
    Step 2. Click on sign in with an enterprise login located beneath the standard login boxes.
    Step 3. The next screen will prompt you to enter a subdomain name to connect to an organizational account. Enter in ‘umn’ into the blank space. Click Continue to proceed.
    Step 4. Choose to sign in with your Internet ID (X.500) in the next screen.
    Step 5. If you are told you do not have access to BAO, please wait ten minutes and return to https://bao.arcgis.com/.

    Find contents in collected works focusing on humanities and social sciences.

    The Libraries' subscription to this resource allows for 4 users at any one time. If you get a busy signal, please wait a few minutes and try accessing the site again.

    EthicShare is a research and collaboration website designed to help with research, collaboration, and participation in the field of ethics. It is a comprehensive collection of ethics materials including research materials, group discussions, current news articles, and upcoming events harvested from sources such as PubMed, US Government Documents, and institutional repositories.

    Full-text articles from over 300 American ethnic and minority newspapers including Asian-American, Jewish, African-American, Native-American, Arab-American, Eastern-European, and other multi-ethnic communities. Coverage dates back to 1990.

    Ethnographic Video Online is a comprehensive online resource for the study of human culture, behavior and society around the world. The collections contain over 1,300 hours of streaming video, including ethnographic films, documentaries, select feature films, and previously unpublished fieldwork.

    Ethnologue: Languages of the World is a comprehensive reference work cataloging all of the world's known living languages. Our subscription features include: language profiles, classic static country language maps, country profiles, and language family trees (classification).

    EthnoMed contains information about cultural beliefs, medical issues and other related issues pertinent to the health care of recent immigrants to the US. Also has links to patient education materials in a wide variety of languages. EthnoMed is a joint program of the University of Washington Health Sciences Libraries and Harborview Medical Center's Interpreter Services Department/Community House Calls Program (ISD/CHC).

    Europa World is the online version of the Europa World Year Book, a source of country profiles, statistics, and directories for all countries worldwide. Find facts, history, political, economic and other information including geography, media outlets, education, government agencies, trade and industry, tourism and other organizations. A major bibliography is included for each country and survey articles on various issues are listed for each major region.

    The print index continues the European Bibliography of Soviet, East European & Slavonic studies (-1993). EBSEES is now also publicly accessible on line. The bibliography is divided into two databases: for the period 1991-2000 and for 2001-present.

    EV Data Center requires that University of Minnesota users enter a Username/Password combination when accessing content on their site. Provides access to the global market information on electronically chargeable vehicles, including sales volumes, vehicle information, charging infrastructure, incentive schemes, and installed battery capacity by chemistry, supplier and vehicles in use.

    EVGeoCloud allows users to create custom maps and analyses using data from a variety of GIS datasets, including topographic maps and population data. Includes tools to analyze raster data (when available), and to query and download data.

    Data sets currently available in EVGeoCloud:
    De Agostini WING -- world dataset of 406 indicators grouped in 27 themes and 5 main topics; LandScan Global Archive (2000-2012) -- World population density, demographic data and boundaries; Karta Mira -- Digital version of Soviet world maps (1964-1976) at 1:2,500,000 scale; Raster versions of topographic maps -- Ethiopia 1:250,000 scale; Burundi 1:50,000 scale; Haiti 1:25,000 scale; Paraguay 1:100,000 scale.

    Offers balanced coverage on a wide-range of topics including social sciences, humanities, education, science and technology. Comprised of more than 3,500 indexed and full-text titles "” of which 2,100 are peer-reviewed "” in all disciplines with more than 20 years of backfile coverage.

    Experts@Minnesota profiles University faculty and research staff based upon their collegiate and departmental affiliations as well as their publications. Find potential collaborators, learn about the expertise of our faculty and research staff, and if you are profiled on the system, learn about funding opportunities that are relevant to the areas you publish in.

    Items with the padlock icon ( ) require authentication, in accordance with our access policy. Please review our Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources Policy.