Neuroendocrine influences on the health of diverse populations / Tonya Y. Schooler and Andrew Baum -- Neurohormonal factors, stress, health, and gender / Ulf Lundberg and Deirdre Parr -- Gender role stressors and women's health / Patti Lou Watkins and Diane Whaley -- Masculine gender role stressors and men's health / Glenn E. Good, Nancy B. Sherrod, and Mark G. Dillon -- Health risk factors in diverse cultural groups / David Sue -- Health practices and health-care systems among cultural groups / Nolan E. Penn, Joyce Kramer, John F. Skinner, Roberto J. Velasquez, Barbara W.K. Yee, Letticia M. Arellano, and Joyce P. Williams -- Behavioral and sociocultural aspects of aging, ethnicity, and health / Miriam F. Kelty, Richard R. Hoffman III, Marcia G. Ory, and J. Taylor Harden -- Influence of gender on cardiovascular disease / T. Theorell and Annika Horenstam -- Cancers common in men / David Frederick Gordon and Traci Cerami -- Cancers common in women / Beth E. Meyerowitz, Andrea A. Bull, and Martin A. Perez -- The influence of ethnicity on eating disorders in women / Ruth H. Striegel-Moore and Linda Smolak -- Gender and cultural influences on substance abuse / Barbara W. Lex -- Gender and cultural factors in the prevention of HIV infection among women / Kathleen J. Sikkema, Lynne I. Wagner, and Laura M. Bogart -- Gender, culture, and autoimmune disorders / Joan C. Chrisler and Erin L. O'Hea -- Gender and fitness : enhancing women's health through principled exercise training / Jessica A. Whiteley and Richard A. Winett -- Health concerns of lesbians / Kate O'Hanlan -- Role of gender and culture in the psychological adjustment to aging / Cindy B. Kamilar, Daniel L. Segal, and Sara H. Qualls.

Author: Handbook of gender, culture, and health [electronic resource] /

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