Also known as: Complete Classics Collection of Ancient China

The Gu jin tu shu ji cheng (古今圖書集成) is an encyclopedia completed in 1725. To compile this great encyclopedia, the first compiler, renowned scholar, Cheng Menglei cited over 6,000 works from ancient time up to late Ming and early Qing dynasties. The completed work was huge in size, reached to 500,000 pages and over 160 million words. It was said it is four times larger than the Encyclopedia Britannica. The subject coverage is extensive ranged from astrology, geography, politic, economics, military, law, philosophy, literature, engineering, fishing, mining, education, arts, music, dance, medicine, agriculture, and many others. It contains over 6,000 illustrations, also known as /Kangxi Encyclopedia/.

Location: TC Wilson Library East Asian (Reference) Quarto AE4 .K83 1934

Author: Chen, Mong Lei (ed.)