Also known as: American Jewish Year Book

SERIAL ARCHIVE LISTINGS for the American Jewish Year Book American Jewish Year Book is an annual publication with "information and analysis about the American Jewish community, Jewish demography, Jewish history, and Jewish life worldwide", according to the publisher, the American Jewish Committee. Publication History American Jewish Year Book began publication in 1899. It is still published today. Persistent Archives of Complete Issues * 1899-2005: The American Jewish Committee Archives has what appear to be the full run of the yearbook in its collection. The interface is dependent on frames and Java. Click on "American Jewish Year Book" in the collections column to see the individual volumes. The volumes themselves are in PDF. Official Site / Current Material * The Amercan Jewish Committee web site has information about the Year Book, and sells recent print issues, in its Publications section. (It also has many other news and advocacy features.)

Coverage: 1899-2005