History and development of forensic medicine and pathology / Daniel J. Spitz -- Crime scene. Pt. 1. Bloodstain pattern interpretation / Herbert Leon MacDonell. Pt. 2. Biological evidence on the human body / Heather Miller Coyle, Carll Ladd, and Henry C. Lee. Pt. 3. Trace evidence / Richard E. Bisbing -- Time of death and hanges after death. Pt. 1. Anatomical considerations / Joshua A. Perper. Pt. 2. Chemical considerations / William Q. Sturner. Pt. 3. Forensic entomology / Neil H. Haskell. Pt. 4. Exhumation / Michael M. Baden -- Identification of human remains. Pt. 1. Diverse techniques / Daniel J. Spitz. Pt. 2. DNA / Lynne M. Helton -- Anthropology / William M. Bass -- Forensic odontology. Pt. 1.. Bite mark identification / richard R. Souviron. Pt. 2. Advanced techniques in dental identification and bite marks / David Sweet. Pt. 3. Advanced photographic techniques / Gregory S. Golden. Pt. 4. The use of digital analysis in bite mark identification / C. Michael Bowers and Raymond J. Johansen -- Sudden and unexpected death from natural causes in adults / Barbara A. Sampson, Vernard I. Adams, and Charles S. Hirsch -- Investigation of deaths in childhood / Pt. 1. Feticide and neonaticide / Werner U. Spitz and Daniel J. Spitz. Pt. 2. The abused child and adolescent / Marvin S. Platt, Daniel J. Spitz, and Werner U. Spitz -- Pt. 3. The differential diagnosis of child abuse / Marvin S. Platt and Lisa Kohler -- Trauma and disease / Vernard I. Adams, Mark A. Flomenbaum, and Charles S. Hirsch -- Blunt force injury / Werner U. Spitz -- Sharp force injury / Werner U. Spitz -- Injury by gunfire. Pt. 1. Gunshot wounds / Werner U. Spitz. Pt. 2. Shotgun wounds / Werner U. Spitz -- Thermal injuries / Werner U. Spitz -- Asphyxia / Werner U. Spitz -- Investigation of bodies in water / Daniel J. Spitz -- Electrical and lightning injuries / Edmund R. Donoghue and Barry D. Lifschultz -- Road traffic victim / Werner U. Spitz -- Medicolegal investigation of mass disasters / Glenn N. Wagner and Richard C. Froede -- Trauma of the nervous system. Pt. 1. Forensic neuropathology / Vernon Armbrustmacher and Charles S. Hirsch. Pt. 2. Boxing injuries / Friedrich Unterharnscheidt and James M. Henry -- Microscopic forensic pathology / Joshua A. Perper -- Forensic aspects of radiology / B.G. Brogdon -- Investigation of deaths from drug abuse / Boyd G. Stephens -- Forensic aspects of alcohol / Werner U. Spitz -- The medicolegal autopsy report / Werner U. Spitz -- Selected procedures at autopsy / Werner U. Spitz.

Location: Bio-Medical Library W825 S7612 2006

Author: Spitz, Werner, editor; co-edited by Daniel J. Spitz