The Latin American Public Opinion Project (LAPOP) website features datasets from academic studies based on survey research conducted mainly in Latin America. ​

The Libraries' subscription includes access to all datasets of surveys carried out by LAPOP as part of the AmericasBarometer. The AmericasBarometer rounds of surveys started in 2004, and they have been carrying out surveys every two years following 2004. The database includes access to single-country datasets for each round and merged datasets (per round, per country, and Grand Merge 2004 to date). The number of countries included on each round is different. Use the following link to see the countries included on each round of the AmericasBarometer:

The database also includes access to the Colombia off-cycle surveys (as listed in the link above). Surveys conducted by LAPOP prior to 2004 and other specials studies that are not part of the AmericasBarometer are not included in this database.