Part I: Introduction: 1: Evidence-based Health Research. Part II: 2: Descriptive statistics part 1: levels of measurement and measures of central tendency. 3: Descriptive statistics part 2: measures of dispersion. 4: Measures of association for categorical outcomes. 5: Measures of association for continuous outcomes. 6 Confounding, effect modification, mediation and causal inference. Part III: Critical appraisal of existing research. 7 Literature reviewing and database searching. 8: Randomised controlled trials. 9: Cohort studies. 10: Case-control studies. 11: Research ethics and management. Part IV: Conducting new research: 12 Dissemination and publication. 13: Linear regression for continuous outcomes. 14: Logistic regression for categorical outcomes. Appendices

Author: Hagger-Johnson, Gareth

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