Also known as: Health care delivery in the United States

Part I Health Policy: Chapter 1: The Challenge of Health Care Delivery and Health Policy, Chapter 2: A Visual Overview of Health Care Delivery in the United States, Chapter 3: Government and Health Insurance: The Policy Process, Chapter 4: Comparative Health Systems. Part II: Keeping Americans Healthy: Chapter 5: Population Health, Chapter 6: Public Health: A Transformation for the 21st Century, Chapter 7: Health and Behavior, Chapter 8: Vulnerable Populations: A Tale of Two Nations. Part III: Medical Care: Treating Americans' Medical Problems: Chapter 9: Organization of Care, Chapter 10: The Health Workforce, Chapter 11: Health Care Financing, Chapter 12: Health Care Costs and Values, Chapter 13: High-Quality Health Care, Chapter 14 Managing and Governing Health Care Organizations, Chapter 15: Health Information Technology. Part IV: Futures: Chapter 16: The Future of Health Care Delivery and Health Care Policy. Appendix: Major Provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010.


Author: Anthony R. Kovner, James R. Knickman, editors ; Steven Jonas, founding editor

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