Jonas and Kovners health care delivery in the United States

Also known as: Health care delivery in the United States

Pt. I. Perspectives. Overview: the state of health care delivery in the United States / James R. Knickman and Anthony R. Kovner -- Measuring health status / Mary Ann Chiasson and Steven Jonas -- Financing health care / Kelly A. Hunt and James R. Knickman -- Public health: policy, practice, and perceptions / Laura C. Leviton, Scott D. Rhodes, and Carol S. Chang -- The role of government in U.S. health care / Michael S. Sparer -- Comparative analysis of helath systems among wealthy nations / Victor G. Rodwin -- Pt. II. Providing health care. Acute care / Marc N. Gourevitch, Carol A. Caronna, and Gary E. Kalkut -- Chronic care / Gerard F. anderson and James R. Knickman -- Long-term care / Penny Hollander Feldman, Pamela Nadash, and Michal D. Gursen -- Health-related behavior / C. Tracy Orleans and Elaine F. Cassidy -- Pharmaceuticals / Robin J. Strongin, Ron Geigle, and Victoria A. Wicks -- The health care workforce / Carol S. Brewer and Thomas C. Rosenthal -- Information management / Roger Kropf -- Pt. III. System performance. Governance, management, and accountability / Anthony R. Kovner -- The complexity of health care quality / Douglas S. Wakefield and Bonnie J. Wakefield -- Access to care / John Billings and Joel C. Cantor -- Costs and value / Steven A. Finkler and Thomas E. Getzen -- Pt. IV. The future. The future of helath care delivery in the United States / James R. Kickman and Anthony R. Kovner -- Pt. V. Appendices. Append. A. Glossary / Anthony R. Kovner -- Append. B. A guide to sources of data / Jennifer A. Nelson and Mary Ann Chiasson -- Append. C. Useful health care web sites / Kelli A. Hurdle.

Location: TC Bio-Medical Library W84 AA1 J68 2008

Author: Anthony R. Kovner, James R. Knickman, editors ; Steven Jonas, founding editor

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