Pt. I. Introduction and overview. Why study social and behavioral factors in health? / Jeannine Coreil -- Historical perspectives on population and disease / Jeannine Coreil -- Social epidemiology / Jeannine Coreil -- Pt. II. Theoretical foundations. Behavioral and social science theory / Jeannine Coreil -- Health and illness behavior / Jeannine Coreil -- The social environment and health / Jeannine Coreil -- Pt. III. Sociocultural context of health. Social reactions to disease / Jeannine Coreil -- Comparative health cultures / Jeannine Coreil -- Health disparities, diversity, and cultural competence / Jeannine Coreil --Pt. IV. Special populations through the life cycle. Reproductive health / Wendy L. Hellerstedt -- Adolescent health / Mimi Nichter -- Public health and aging / J. Neil Henderson and L. Carson Henderson -- Pt. V. Intervention, methods, and practice. Planning health promotion and disease prevention programs / Eric R. Buhi, Rita DiGioacchino DeBate, and Robert J. McDermott -- Community-based approaches to health promotion / Carol A. Bryant -- Social marketing in public health / Carol A. Bryant -- Approaches to policy and advocacy / Linda M. Whiteford -- Pt. VI. Special topics. Childhood overweight and obesity / Rita DiGioacchino DeBate, Carol A. Bryant, and Marissa Zwald -- Mental health and illness: a public health perspective / Stephanie L. Marhefka -- Prevention of unintentional injuries / Karen Liller -- Violence and public health / Martha Coulter -- Occupational health / Paul E. Spector and Chu-Hsiang Chang -- Afterword: new directions / Jeannine Coreil.

Location: TC Bio-Medical Library WA31 S6767 2010

Author: edited by Jeannine Coreil