Chapter 1: The IDEFICS Intervention Toolbox - A Guide to Successful Obesity Prevention at Community Level. Chapter 2: Testing the Assumptions of Stage of Change for Fruit and Vegetable Consumption: A Naturalistic Study. Chapter 3: Strategies for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in Rural Southern African American Communities. Chapter 4: Gender Differences in Food Choice and Dietary Intake in Modern Western Societies. Chapter 5: Iron Food Fortification for the Control of Childhood Anemia in Brazil. Chapter 6: Economic Stressors and Childhood Obesity: Differences by Child Age and Gender. Chapter 7: Critical Appraisal of Selected Body Composition Data Acquisition Techniques in Public Health. Chapter 8: Physical Activity, Inactivity, and Nutrition Behavior Among Children: Investigating Compensation and Transfer Effects. Chapter 9: U.S. Food Policy and Obesity. Chapter 10: Alcohol Consumption Among Adolescents in Estonia 1994 - 2010. Chapter 11: Public Health and Indigenous Australian Gambling: Risky Lifestyle or Harmless Recreation? Chapter 12: Self Medication, Drug Dependency and Self-Managed Health Care - A Review. Chapter 13: The Relationship Between Alcohol Consumption and Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection and Risk Behaviour: A Systematic Literature Review of High-Risk Groups, with a Focus on South Africa. Chapter 14: Challenges in Healthcare in Multi-Ethnic Societies: Communication as a Barrier to Achieving Health Equity. Chapter 15: Public Health Research and Action: Reflections on Challenges and Possibilities of Community-Based Participatory Research. Chapter 16: Nature Therapy and Preventive Medicine. Chapter 17: How Can the Empowerment Role of Public Health Nurses (PHNs) Be Fostered? A Review of an Exploratory Research Study Conducted in Ireland and Current Evidence. Chapter 18: Disseminating an Evidence-Based Disease Self-Management Program for Older Americans: Implications for Diversifying Participant Reach Through Delivery Site Adoption. Chapter 19: Strategy and Practice of Support for Families with Multiple Births Children: Combination of Evidence-Based Public Health (EBPH) and Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) Approach. Chapter 20: TB Contropl in Prisons. Chapter 21: Social Determinants of Health in Deaf Communities. Chapter 22: Anxiety and Emotional Discomfort in the School Environment: The Interplay of School Processes, Learning Strategies, and Children's Mental Health. Chapter 23: Re-Emergence of HIV Infection and Syphilis Among Men Who Have Sex with Men. Chapter 24: Gun Violence in the United States: A Public Health Epidemic. Chapter 25: The Public Health Intervention of Skin Care for All: Community Dermatology. Chapter 26: Addressing Asthma from a Public Health Perspective. Chapter 27: An Integrated Theoretical Framework to Describe Human Trafficking of Young Women and Girls for Involuntary Prostitution.

Author: edited by Jay Maddock