Call Numbers Books on similar subjects are grouped together in the library. Call numbers are used to locate books on the shelf and identify them by subject.

GV1587 - Terminology, Abbreviations, Notation
GV1588 - Philosophy and Theory
GV1589 - Study and Teaching
GV1590-1594 - General Works
GV1596 - Pictorial Works
GV1597 - Dancing as a Profession
GV1600 - Criticism and Appreciation
GV1601 - History
GV1743 - National Dances. Folk dances and dancing
GV1751-1753.5 - Social Dancing. Ballroom Dancing
GV1763 - Square Dances. Quadrilles. Country Dances.
GV1781 - Theatrical dancing (including Broadway)
GV1783 - Modern Dance
GV1785-1786 - Biography
GV1787 - Ballet
GV1794 - Tap
GV1799 - Dance for children
M1450 - Dance Music (scores and DVDs)
M1520-1526 - Ballet music (scores and DVDs)
ML3400-3465 - Studies of dance music (books)
RM1450 - Dance Music (CDs)
RM1520-1526 - Ballet music (CDs)