Also known as: Boris Ignatovich, 1899-1976

Beginning in 1923 Boris Ignatovich (1899-1976) photographed the world around him until his death. His photography captured Russia during the earliest days of communism, World War II, and throughout the 1950s and 1960s.

Created by the Innovator Foundation, these web exhibitions display the skill and variety of Ignatovich's work, from portraiture to aerial photographs of the architecture and nature of the Caucasus region to haunting scenes from World War II. Visitors can explore the collection in two ways. One can simply focus on Ignatovich's photographs by browsing the Gallery.
Alternatively, the Museum, which is best viewed on desktop computers, offers an interactive timeline of Ignatovich's life and work set to music. While some items require a password to view, much of this remarkable collection is freely open to the public.

Coverage: 1923-1976