SB Plant culture

SB39 Horticultural voyages, etc.
SB71-87 History
SB107-109 Economic botany
SB109.7-111 Methods for special areas. Including cold regions, dry farming, tropical agriculture SB112 Irrigation farming
SB113.2-118.46 Seeds. Seed technology
SB118.48-118.75 Nurseries. Nursery industry
SB119-124 Propagation. Including breeding, selection, grafting, air layering
SB125 Training and pruning
SB126Artificial light gardening
SB126.5-126.57 Hydroponics. Soilless agriculture
SB127 Forcing
SB128 Growth regulators
SB129-130 Harvesting, curing, storage
SB169-172.5 Tree crops
SB175-177 Food crops
SB183-317 Field crops. Including cereals, forage crops, grasses, legumes, root crops, sugar plants, textile plants, alkaloidal plants, medicinal plants
SB317.5-319.864 Horticulture. Horticultural crops
SB320-353.5 Vegetables
SB354-402 Fruit and fruit culture
SB381-386 Berries and small fruits
SB387-399 Grape culture. Viticulture
SB401 Nuts
SB403-450.87 Flowers and flower culture. Ornamental plants
SB406.7-406.83 Plant propagation
SB409-413 Culture of individual plants
SB414 Forcing
SB414.6-417 Greenhouses and greenhouse culture
SB418-418.4 Container gardening
SB419-419.3 Indoor gardening and houseplants
SB419.5 Roof gardening. Balcony gardening
SB421-439.8Classes of plants. Including annuals, climbers, ferns, lawns, perennials, shrubs
SB441-441.75 Flower shows. Exhibitions
SB442.5 Care and preparation of cut flowers and ornamental plants for market
SB442.8-443.4 Marketing. Cut flower industry. Florists
SB446-446.6 Horticultural service industry
SB447 Preservation and reproduction of flowers, fruits, etc.
SB447.5 Bonkei. Tray landscapes
SB449-450.87 Flower arrangement and decoration
SB450.9-467.8 Gardens and gardening